Wellington South and Suburbs

Wellington South and Suburbs was a parliamentary electorate in Wellington, New Zealand from 1887 to 1890.

Population centresEdit

In the 1887 electoral redistribution, although the Representation Commission was required through the Representation Act 1887 to maintain existing electorates "as far as possible", rapid population growth in the North Island required the transfer of three seats from the South Island to the north. Ten new electorates were created, including Wellington South and Suburbs, and one former electorate was recreated.[1]


The electorate was formed for the 1887 election[2] and was represented by one Member of Parliament, Charles Beard Izard.[3] Izard and J. Coombes contested the election, receiving 710 and 454 votes, respectively.[4] Izard had on two occasions previously contested the Foxton electorate without success.[5]

The Wellington South and Suburbs electorate was abolished at the end of the parliamentary term in 1890.[2] Izard stood in the Hutt electorate in the 1890 election but was unsuccessful.[3]

Election resultsEdit



Election Winner
1887 election Charles Izard


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