Welfare Party of India

The Welfare Party of India is an Indian Islamist[1] political party launched on 18 April 2011, striving for value-based politics in India. Its first National President was Mujtaba Farooq.[citation needed]

Welfare Party of India
PresidentSQR Ilyas
Founded18 April 2011; 8 years ago (2011-04-18)
HeadquartersE-57/1, 2nd Floor, Scholars Apartment, A.F.E - Part 1. Okhla, New Delhi - 110025
IdeologyValue-based politics
Welfare state
Religious pluralism
ECI StatusRegistered party
Official website


The Welfare Party of India was launched in Delhi on 18 April 2011 at the Ambedkar Bhavan. It announced a 35 member working committee representing the plurality of Indian populace with diverse regions, religions and communities. There were political persons, religious personalities, Dalit, human right and social activists in the team led by Mujtaba Farooq (President), a veteran trade union leader, social and educational activist.[citation needed]

In June 2019 eleven dalit leaders from Kerala have resigned from the Welfare Party of India alleging untouchability inside the party. “The Welfare Party always projected its’ politics as a fight for social justice for the oppressed identities, but at the same time the dalit leaders in the party are not allowed to speak about their identity inside the organisation. This is the system prevailing in the party, it is anti democratic,” Pradeep Nemmara, one of the dalit activists who resigned from the party, told the press. “The party is speaking for social justice for Rohith but the party members belonging to the community of Rohith are not allowed to speak about their identity inside the party," said one of the members who resigned.[2] After the 2018 Chengannur Assembly by-elections, two dalit members of the party were suspended for four months for supporting Saji Cheriyan, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) candidate who went to win the election. Following this, a number of party members had expressed their dissent to the state leadership and a protest letter signed by 23 dalit members was submitted to the Kerala state president of the party. “The response to the letter came in the form of a show cause notice threatening suspension,” Pradeep said. "We did not go public straight away and had democratically approached the state leadership first to look into the matter. Their response was brutal and highly discriminatory. If not for speaking out issues concerning oppressed identities, then why was the party ever formed?," asks Pradeep. His frustration with the showcause notice only grew further as the party went on and ordered him stop contacts with the ten dalit members including his own brother who had resigned days before him. Pradeep said he was left with no alternative but to resign in the face of such shocking acts of casteist discrimination within a party that seeks social 'justice'.[2]


The Welfare Party of India fields candidates in 22 seats in West Bengal, 54 Seats in Kerala andí 22 seats in Tamil Nadu.[citation needed] It won several seats in the Kerala local elections.[citation needed]



The Welfare Party of Kerala is the Kerala unit of the Welfare Party of India. It was launched on 19 October 2011 at Tagore Hall, Kozhikode.[3]

Land struggleEdit

The organization argues for comprehensive land reform. Several struggles were organized by the landless people of Kerala.[4]

Land summitEdit

The party organized the Kerala Land Summit, an academic conference, held 10–11 May 2017, to prepare a Comprehensive Land Reform Act.[5]

Opposition to demonetizationEdit

The Welfare Party is one of the few organizations to oppose demonetization by the Government of India on the day it was announced. The Welfare Party protested the program.[6]


  • President: SQR Ilyas[citation needed]
  • Vice Presidents: Father Abraham Joseph, Moulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Dr. B.T. Lalitha Naik
  • General Secretaries: Shafi Madni
  • Secretaries: Subramani A., Sheema Mohsin, Mr. Ambujakshan
  • National Secretaries: Sharjeel Usmani and Waseem RS

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