Webasto SE is a company based in Stockdorf, Germany which makes sunroofs, electric-car chargers and air-conditioning systems.[1] Holger Engelmann is the CEO of the company.

Webasto SE
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Holger Engelmann (CEO)
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Coronavirus outbreakEdit

Webasto owns 11 locations in China, including in Wuhan.[2] In late January 2020, the company disclosed that five of its workers had tested positive to SARS-CoV-2.[3][4][5] This was reportedly one of the first cases of person-to-person transmission of the virus outside China.[5]

The outbreak was handled internally within the company.[6] The story was initially reported in the Wall Street Journal as a case of successful containment of the outbreak.[1] By March 2020, genome studies tracking mutations of the virus suggested that the Webasto outbreak had not been successfully contained, and was linked to a 'decent part' of the overall coronavirus outbreak in Europe.[7] Genetic sequencing also linked the cluster of cases at Webasto's headquarters to the virus outbreak in northern Italy.[8] In May 2020 some medical disprove this assumptions and confirm that the Webasto case remained isolated,[9] while in July other studies identified the most common Italian strain as coming from Germany.[10]

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