Watford Electronics was a British computer electronics company. It was founded in 1972 in a bedroom belonging to brothers Nazir and Raza Jessa, and grew to become one of the best-known suppliers of microcomputers and micro peripherals during the 1980s.[1]

In the 1970s Watford Electronics sold components and kits, through advertising in electronics magazines, and a paper catalogue. They had one shop in Watford, but mostly traded as a mail-order company.[2]

In the early 1980s Watford Electronics expanded into the home computer market. It was particularly active in the BBC Micro scene, producing a variety of peripherals for the computer, as well as a version of the Disc Filing System. They sold their own hardware under the Aries brand. Watford Electronics gradually moved over to supporting the Wintel market in the 1990s.[1] In the 21st century, the company opened an online store, Savastore, but in 2007 Watford collapsed into administration.[3] Watford Electronics was then bought out by Globally Limited, and in April that year, the website became known as Saverstore.[4]

Notes edit

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