Washington H. Soul Pattinson

Washington H Soul Pattinson trading as Soul Pattison, is a publicly listed Australian investment company.

Washington H Soul Pattinson
Company typePublic company
Founded21 January 1903
FounderLewy Pattinson
Key people
Robert Millner, Executive chairman

History edit

In 1872, Caleb Soul and his son Washington Handley opened a pharmacy store in Pitt Street, Sydney. In 1886, Lewy Pattinson opened a pharmacy in Balmain. In April 1902, Pattinson bought Soul out with the business incorporated as Washington H Soul Pattinson & Company Limited. On 21 January 1903, the company was listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange.[1] As well as still operating some pharmacies in Sydney, it has become a large shareholder in companies involved in building materials, mining, property investment and telecommunications. In June 2021, terms were agreed to purchase Milton Corporation.[2]

In April 2022, WHSP sold Round Oak Minerals to Aeris Resources for A$234m ($166.5m) in a cash and stock deal.[3]

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WHSP investments include:[4]

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