Warren Hutcherson

Warren Hutcherson is an American comedian and comedy writer from Baltimore, Maryland. He is perhaps best known for his jokes about how his father, a member of the Nation of Islam, was able to find conspiracies in everyday occurrences.[citation needed][1]

Warren A. Hutcherson
OccupationActor, comedian, producer, writer and director
Years active1990–present

Hutcherson wrote for Saturday Night Live[2] for two years (1991–93) and Living Single[3] for four years (1993–97) before he created his own sitcom for NBC, Built to Last, in the 1997 television season. After his show was cancelled Hutcherson became executive producer of The Parent Hood for its final season (1998), Moesha for two seasons (1998–2000), The Bernie Mac Show (2002–05) and Just Jordan (2006). He was also a writer and consulting producer on Everybody Hates Chris and played a supporting role in Freeloaders (2012). In 2019 he became executive producer of Raven's Home.[4][5]


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