Wannian Bridge (Nancheng County)

The Wannian Bridge (simplified Chinese: 万年桥; traditional Chinese: 萬年橋; pinyin: Wànnián Qiáo) is a stone arch bridge built over the Xu River in 1647 at the dawn of the Qing dynasty (1644–1911). It is located in Nancheng County, Jiangxi, China. It is adjacent to the Juxing Pagoda.[1]

Wannian Bridge

Nancheng Wannian Qiao 2018.10.04 18-05-19.jpg
Wannian Bridge in October 2018
Coordinates27°35′13.56″N 116°39′16.8″E / 27.5871000°N 116.654667°E / 27.5871000; 116.654667
CrossesXu River
LocaleNancheng County, Jiangxi, China
DesignArch Bridge
Total length411 metres (1,348 ft)
Width6.3 metres (21 ft)
Height10 metres (33 ft)
Longest span14 metres (46 ft)
Construction start1635
Construction end1647


Construction of the Wannian Bridge, commenced in 1635 and was completed in 1647, which took 12 years. During the Qing dynasty (1644–1911), it underwent three renovations, respectively in the ruling of Yongzheng Emperor (1724) and in the reign of Qianlong Emperor and in 1887 in the 13th year of Guangxu era.

In March 2013, it was listed among the seventh batch of "Major National Historical and Cultural Sites in Jiangxi" by the State Council of China.[2]


The bridge is 411-metre (1,348 ft) in length, 10-metre (33 ft) in height, 6.3-metre (21 ft) in width and 14-metre (46 ft) in span. It has 23 holes and 24 piers.[1]


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