Wang Luodan

Wang Luodan (Chinese:王珞丹, born 30 January 1984) is a Chinese actress and singer. She rose to fame because with the TV series Struggle (2007). She became increasingly popular after starring in My Youthfulness (2009) and A Story of Lala's Promotion (2010). Wang has also established herself in films Driverless (2010), Caught in the Web (2012) and The Dead End (2015). Due to her popularity, she was named one of the new New Four Dan Actresses in 2009. In 2013, she won Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film Caught in the Web. Li ranked 74th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2014.[2]

Wang Luodan
Wang Luodan in Hangzhou.jpg
Wang Luodan in Hangzhou
Born (1984-01-30) 30 January 1984 (age 36)
Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China
Alma materBeijing Film Academy
  • Actor
  • Singer
Years active2004–present
AgentSMI Corporation
Partner(s)Zhang Jiajia[1]
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese王珞丹
Simplified Chinese王珞丹
Musical career
InstrumentsPiano, Accordion, Drums, Guitar, Electric Guitar

Early life and educationEdit

Wang was born in Inner Mongolia, China.[3] She graduated from Beijing Film Academy in 2005.[4]


Wang rose to fame for her role in the highly popular youth drama, Struggle (2007), playing a girl from a wealthy family who is always optimistic in her never ending pursuit of love.[5] She cemented her straightforward onscreen persona in My Youthfulness (2009), the second installment of Zhao Baogang's 'Youth' trilogy after Struggle.[6][7]

After achieving success on the small screen, Wang ventured to films. She starred in the experimental indie film Twilight Dancing (2008) directed by Shu Ya.[8]

Wang resumed her onscreen persona in the youth-oriented drama, Go La La Go! (2010) based on the novel of A Story of Lala's Promotion.[9] The series attracted a large following among younger viewers and many of their middle-aged parents.[10] The same year, Wang starred in the film Driverless. Opposite from her usual spunky roles, she plays a deaf-mute girl who is crazily in love with an amateur car racer and was praised by critics for her performance.[11] Due to her popularity, she was named one of the new Four Dan Actresses and chosen as the Golden Eagle Goddess in 2010.[12][13]

In 2012, Wang starred in the period war drama Detachment of Women, which broke her previous typecasting as a "pure and innocent maiden".[14] The same year, she starred in Chen Kaige's social film Caught in the Web wherein she played an ambitious journalist.[15] Her performance won her the Best Supporting Actress award at the 29th Golden Rooster Awards.[16]

Wang then took a break from acting and work due to her hectic schedules, heading to New York University to further her studies for three months.

After she returned from her hiatus in 2014, Wang starred as the titular protagonist in her first historical drama The Virtuous Queen of Han. She also starred in the biographic film Rise of the Legend[17] and road film The Continent, where she plays a prostitute that services guests at a road hotel.[18] That year, she was chosen as the Most Valuable Chinese Actress.[19]

In 2015, Wang starred in the cycling film To the Fore by Dante Lam.[20] The same year, she starred in crime drama film The Dead End by Cao Baoping.[21] The film drew critical acclaim and Wang won Best Supporting Actress at the 13th Changchun Film Festival.[22]

In 2017, Wang starred in the medical drama ER Doctor, directed by Zheng Xiaolong.[23]

In 2019, Wang returned to the big screen with the anthology film Half the Sky.[24]



Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2006 Qi Yue 七月 Qing Qing [25]
2008 Alternative Ways 非常道 Xiao Xin
Twilight Dancing 车逝 Mei Mei
2009 My Airhostess Roommate 恋爱前规则 Ran Jing [26]
2010 Driverless 无人驾驶 Li Xin
2011 The Founding of a Party 建党伟业 Zhang Ruoming (Cameo) [27]
2012 Caught in the Web 搜索 Yang Jiaqi
Lethal Hostage 边境风云 Xiao An [28]
The Guillotines 血滴子 Cameo [29]
Legend of the Moles: The Treasure of Scylla 摩尔庄园2海妖宝藏 Voiced-dubbed[30]
2013 Better and Better 越来越好之村晚 Zhou Yinan [31]
Love You for Loving Me 我爱的是你爱我 Shen Xiaole [32]
Exchange Life 鲜我奇缘 [33]
2014 The Continent 后会无期 Su Mi
Rise of the Legend 黄飞鸿之英雄有梦 Ah Chun
2015 To the Fore 破风 Huang Shiyao
Detective Gui 宅女侦探桂香 Gui Xiang [34]
The Dead End 烈日灼心 Yi Guxia
The Cornfield 玉米人 [35]
2016 The Secret 消失的爱人 Qiu Jie [36]
My War 我的战争 Meng Sanxia [37]
2019 Half the Sky 半边天
Gone with the Light 被光抓走的人 [38]
TBA Forever Young 不老奇事 [39]

Television seriesEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2004 Flying Butterfly 蝴蝶飞飞 Mai Lele [40]
2006 Sun Shining like Blossom 阳光像花一样绽放 Dan Juan [41]
Keke Xili 可可·西里 Ding Wenjing
Mother is a River 母亲是条河 Lee Datao [42]
2007 Coming Home 烽火孤儿 Du Wei/Du Wei's mother [43]
Struggle 奋斗 Mi Cai
2008 An Earthshaking Seven Days 震撼世界的七日 Guan Xiaoxi [44]
Volleyball Heroic Woman 排球女将 Li Xue [45]
2009 My Youthfulness 我的青春谁做主 Qian Xiaoxiang
Dark Fragrance 暗香 Wu Yue [46]
2010 A Story of Lala's Promotion 杜拉拉升职记 Du Lala
2011 Men 男人帮 Mo Xiaomin [47]
2012 Detachment of Women 红娘子 Wang Xiaohong
Under the Hawthorn Tree 山楂树之恋 Jing Qiu [48]
2014 The Virtuous Queen of Han 卫子夫 Wei Zifu
2015 Turned to Say Love You 转身说爱你 Li Mingyu [49]
2017 ER Doctor 急诊科医生 Jiang Xiaoqi


Year English title Chinese title Album
2006 "Wear My Love" (with Will Pan) 戴上我的爱 Around the World
2008 "Believe There's One Day" 相信有一天 Volleyball Heroic Woman OST
2010 "I Thought" 我以为 A Story of Lala's Promotion OST
"Driverless Love" 无人驾驶的爱情 Driverless OST

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2008 7th China TV Golden Eagle Award Audience's Choice For Actress Struggle Nominated
2009 27th Flying Apsaras Awards Outstanding Actress Nominated
2010 16th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress My Youthfulness Nominated
Most Popular Actress Won [50]
China TV Golden Eagle Award Audience's Choice For Actress Nominated
1st College Students' Television Festival Most Popular Actress Won [51]
1st One Drama Presentation Most Anticipated Theater Actress N/A Won [52]
2011 17th Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress A Story of Lala's Promotion Nominated
13th Golden Phoenix Awards Newcomer Award N/A Won [53]
2012 8th Huading Awards Best Actress (Revolution-Era Drama) Detachment of Women Nominated
2012 New York Chinese Film Festival Most Popular Asian Artist N/A Won [54]
2013 29th Golden Rooster Awards Best Supporting Actress Caught in the Web Won [16]
2015 15th Chinese Film Media Awards Most Anticipated Actress The Continent Nominated
7th Macau International Movie Festival Best Actress To the Fore Nominated
13th Sichuan Television Festival Best Actress The Virtuous Queen of Han Nominated
2016 19th Huading Awards Best Actress (Contemporary Drama) Turned to say Love You Nominated
13th Changchun Film Festival Best Supporting Actress The Dead End Won [22]
8th Macau International Movie Festival Best Actress My War Nominated
2018 24th Huading Awards Best Actress (Modern Drama) ER Doctor Nominated [55]


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