Wang Guoquan

Wang Guoquan (Chinese: 王国权) (1911–2004) was a Chinese diplomat. He was born in Gongyi, Henan. He was a graduate of Henan University. He was governor, Communist Party of China Committee Secretary and delegate to the National People's Congress from Rehe Province. He was a delegate to the 1st National People's Congress (1954–1959), 2nd National People's Congress (1959–1964), 3rd National People's Congress (1964–1975) and 6th National People's Congress (1983–1988). He was Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to East Germany (1956–1964), Poland (1964–1970), Australia (1973–1975) and Italy (1977–1978).

Preceded by Ambassador of China to East Germany
Succeeded by
Zhang Haifeng
Preceded by Ambassador of China to Poland
Succeeded by
Preceded by
new office
Ambassador of China to Australia
Succeeded by
Zhou Qiuye
Preceded by
Han Kehua
Ambassador of China to Italy
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