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Wanessa Godói Camargo Buaiz (born December 28, 1982), commonly known as Wanessa Camargo, is a Brazilian singer and songwriter.[3] She is the daughter of Brazilian sertanejo singer Zezé Di Camargo from the duo Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano and of the businesswoman Zilú Godói. Before the race like singer, during the decade of 1990, integrated the Brazilian version of the musical Cats and was part of the group of dancers of the pair Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano.[4] In 2000 she signed with BMG and released her debut studio album, the homonym Wanessa Camargo, betting on a country-focused musical style and selling 150,000 copies[5] with the singles "O Amor não Deixa", "Enamorado por Você" and "Eu Posso Te Sentir." In 2001, she released her second album of the same name, Wanessa Camargo, releasing to the radio stations "Eu Posso Te Sentir", "Tanta Saudade" and "Gostar de Mim". In 2002, she accepted the invitation to become a presenter of the Young Evening program at Rede Globo, where she will stay for two years. In the same year she won recognition with the track "Sem Querer" on the third album of the same name, Wanessa Camargo.

Wanessa Camargo
23 - Wanessa-021 (16426283425).jpg
Wanessa in January 2015.
Wanessa Godói Camargo

(1982-12-28) 28 December 1982 (age 36)
  • Singer
  • songwriter
  • dancer
  • actress
Years active2000–present
Marcus Buaiz (m. 2007)
Zilu Camargo (mother)
Musical career
  • Vocals
  • piano
Associated acts

In 2004, she released the first live album, Transparente Ao Vivo, and joined the cast of the fourth season of the series Sítio do Picapau Amarelo. In 2005 she signed with Sony and underwent a reformulation with the release of the album W, adhering to dance-pop music and composing eleven of the fifteen songs, being her most authorial work. In this project were withdrawn their singles of greater success in the race, "Amor, Amor" and "Não Resisto a Nós Dois", in addition to the promotional ones "Relaxa" e "Culpada", that gained good repercussion in radios.[6] In 2007, she adopted the stage name of Wanessa, leaving her surname aside, and released the album Total, which sold 100,000 copies, marked by the track "Me Abrace". In 2009 she released her first song in English, "Fly", with rapper Ja Rule, present on her sixth album, titled Meu Momento. In 2010 she decided to dedicate herself to electronic music, releasing the EP Você não Perde por Esperar, and in 2011 she released the album DNA, with songs entirely in English.

In 2016, five years after her last studio album, she announced that she was redirecting her type of songs to the sertanejo genre. On August 19 she released her eighth studio album for streaming, entitled 33.[7]



Wanessa was born in Goiânia, state of Goiás, on December 28, 1982. She is the daughter of the Brazilian sertanejo singer Zezé Di Camargo from the duo Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano and of the businesswoman Zilú Godói. She attended public schools during her childhood, but she had no toys because of the financial difficulties of her family. In 1991, to the 9 years, moved to São Paulo when her father Zezé di Camargo and her uncle Luciano Camargo went in search of the success.[8] In 1992 she was enrolled in a private school as soon as her parents began to have a better social condition, but suffered prejudice from colleagues and employees because she was not upper class.[8] During an interview for Veja, Wanessa said: "The principal of the school was always insinuating that we would not pay the college. She humiliated us, but I was so insecure that I never told this to my parents. , and even that was a mockery. Once, to make me happy, my father took a borrowed lance just to give me the taste of going to the car class."[8]

Also in 1991 mounted a youth band along with its three best friends Kiko, Leandro and Bruno, that in the future would form the group KLB.[9] The group, where the boys played the instruments and Wanessa was the lead singer, The band's first name was The Fenders, a reference to the brand of guitar, then changed to Neon and started performing at clubs and parties, making versions of songs of Xuxa and Leandro & Leonardo.[10] In 1993, at the age of ten, she began to study theater, ballet and tap dance, improving over time her teachings in dance in the street dance mode.[4] In adolescence it began to do gymnastics and artistic gymnastics to gain physical fitness when dancing. In 1995 it debuted in the theater when participating in the musical Cats.[4] In 1996 it began to integrate the body of dancers of the duo Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano.


2000-02: First albumsEdit

At the end of 1999 Wanessa sends some demos for the BMG, being contracted by the label the following year, when it began to work in its first album.[11] On November 11, 2000, her debut single, "O Amor não Deixa", was released.[12] On December 12, Wanessa releases her debut album, the homonym Wanessa Camargo, focused on country pop with romantic compositions, bought from foreign musicians and adapted by the team of the label for the Portuguese language, in addition to a written by the singer herself "Eu Nasci pra Amar Você" - dedicated to her boyfriend at the time, Dado Dolabella.[13] Due to the good reception of her first song, "Apaixonada por Você", which had been chosen as second single, gained a new clothes before arriving the radios, changing the rhythm most dancing for a slower and melodic country version, adjusting itself the previous one.[14] The new version was released on February 12, 2001 and was included in the soundtrack of the novel Um Anjo Caiu do Céu.[15] The album was re-released with the new version of the track included on February 15.[16] In all, she sold 200,000 copies.[17] In the same vein as the previous ones, the third and last single, "Eu Posso Te Sentir", version of "Breath", of Faith Hill is released on July 30.[18]

In 2001 Wanessa makes its debut like actress in the children's film Xuxa e os Duendes, interpreting the fairy Mel, in addition to recording the track "Tudo Que Você Sonhar" for the soundtrack.[19] On October 25 is released the first single from her second album, "Eu Quero Ser o Seu Amor", differentiating itself from previous ones by betting on a more danceable pop rock and with the music video inspired by video games.[20] On November 9 her second album, titled Wanessa Camargo again, is released and following the same line of the previous one and with the track "Vou Gritar Seu Nome" composed by her.[21] On February 21, 2002, the second single "Tanta Saudade" was released, which featured as backinig vocals her father, Zezé Di Camargo.[18] The last single of the project, "Gostar de Mim", finalized the work in the album, that sold 300,000 copies.[17] In July it records the short film Socialmente Correto next to Oscar Magrini, however the project ended up being canceled.[22]

In September, she accepted the invitation of the director Marlene Mattos to become a presenter of a special of end of year on the Jovem Guarda, titled Jovens Tardes, next to the group KLB, of the pair Pedro and Thiago and the singer Fael Mondego.[23] The special aired from October and brought the presenters playing the songs of the time with their respective original artists.[23] On November 30, 2002, the single "Um Dia ... Meu Primeiro Amor" was released, and on December 2, their third album.[24] On February 22, 2003 is released the second single, the pop rock "Sem Querer", that brought a music video with Erik Marmo.[25] The last single of the album was chosen by a vote of the site of the singer, having as options the dance "Paga Pra Ver (Tô Pagando Pra Ver)" and the country "Filme de Amor" - that was chosen and launched officially.[26]

2003-04: Transparente and televisionEdit

Wanessa performing in 2004.

In March 2003, due to the good reception of the special of the end of the year, the Jovens Tardes became a fixed program in the grid of the station, being presented weekly on Sundays afternoon with the same presenters, besides the inclusion of Luiza Possi, being each program began to focus on a different theme, such as rock, film classics and novel themes, bringing special guests to play them.[27][28] In this time was scaled to interpret the main personage of the short film S.O.S Cupido, however the project was only in the script and never got to be recorded. After spending the year dedicated to the program, on September 20 the singer recorded her first DVD in Rio de Janeiro.[29][30] For the new project Wanessa underwent a reformulation of visual, giving to clothes more sensual and red hair with bangs to mature her image before the public.[31] In December she poses for a semi-naked rehearsal in VIP magazine, in addition to giving interviews on sex and taboo subjects, reinforcing the idea that had grown up.[32]

On January 11, 2004 the Jovens Tardes comes to an end with the departure of director Marlene Mattos of the station - who even offered a solo program for Wanessa in the Rede Bandeirantes, which she refused, claiming that she would return to focus on music.[33] In February she joined the main cast of the fourth season of the children's show Sítio do Picapau Amarelo, where she played the rock star Diana Dechamps, remaining in this until the end of that year, being her most expressive work as an actress.[34] On March 12, she released her new single, "Me Engana que I Gosto", version of "Miénteme", by Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón, showing a big difference from previous work not to launch a country-focused flagship.[35] On May 24 she released her first live album entitled Transparente Ao Vivo, which featured four new songs and their previous hits.[36] In July carries out tests for the América novel, of Glória Perez, that would debut next year, but ended up not happening.[37] In the same month made a special participation in the children's film Cine Gibi, of the Monica's Gang, interpreting itself and opposite with the animations.[38]

On October 12 she released the second single from the live work, "Metade de Mim", which brought a music video where the singer appears naked and in bed with the Roque Arrais model.[39][40] In December she stars in the second season of the reality show Quebrando a Rotina with to Felipe Dylon, traveling with him and hosted by Luciano Huck in a trailer between the south coast of Rio de Janeiro and the north coast of São Paulo.[41] The two wrote and interpreted together the track "Amor de Praia" at the end of the season.[41] Also that year was invited to the film 2 Children of Francisco, that would tell the history of its family, but it refused.[42] In 2005 she starred in her second reality show, Subindo a Serra, alongside Felipe Dylon, Karina Bacchi, Preta Gil and Popó, accompanying their lives during a trip to Teresópolis, in Rio de Janeiro.[43]

2005–09: W, Total and Meu MomentoEdit

Wanessa sings "Meu Menino" on W in Tour... Era Uma Vez in 2006.

On June 11, 2005, she released her new single, "Amor, Amor", presenting a totally different sound from the proposal until then, betting on Latin pop and dance-pop and being compared to the works of Colombian singer Shakira, becoming the second song of the greatest repercussion of her career.[44] On August 8, she released her fourth studio album, W, which was distinguished from previous by the absence of country elements, betting genuinely pop and pop rock songs, being her most authorial work with ten of the fifteen songs composed by Wanessa.[45] W W was also her most well-received album by critics, who noticed its maturation and originality when printing a brand of its own, disentangling the image of those who replicated what had already been done.[46] On January 10, 2006, the second single, "Não Resisto a Nós Dois" was released, which became the song of greatest repercussion of her career, being the seventh more heard in the Brazilian radios that year.[47] In February, she premiered the W in Tour ... Era Una Vez, her biggest repercussion tour, directed by Marília Pêra with five blocks of sets and costume changes.[48]

The tour brought an unprecedented proposition by bringing together music and theater, inspired by Broadway musicals, with Wanessa playing a character while singing.[48] On August 22, 2006, the third single "Louca" was released, chosen by the public through a vote on its website in the contest with "Meu Menino" and the new version of "Festa na Floresta", which had won a remix with the participation of rapper C4bal.[49] In September Wanessa would participate in the talent show Ice dancing, but ended up twisting her foot a week before the debut and had to give up.[50] On August 2, 2007, after spending the year working on their new album, Wanessa released the single "Não Tô Pronta Pra Perdoar", a version of the song "Not Ready to Make Nice" by the Dixie Chicks group.[51] On August 21, her fifth studio album, Total, was released, mixing the dancing pop that had joined the last album with country pop.[52] The album sold a total of 100,000 copies.[53]

On April 17, Total Tour begins at Citibank Hall, in São Paulo, which had one of the shows recorded for release on DVD, although this has never happened.[54] Wanessa still had not decided for the second single when it was contacted by the Mexican band Camila so that they recorded together a Hispano-Portuguese version of "Abrázame" - which she had totally rewritten in Portuguese.[55] "Me Abrace" was released on May 14, 2008, serving as a single for the Brazilian version of Todo Cambió and the re-release of the album Meu Momento.[56] In 2009 the singer happens to sign just like Wanessa - without her last name - from the single "Fly", released on April 7, which counted on the participation American rapper Ja Rule.[57] On June 1, the sixth studio album Meu Momento is released, bringing the collaboration of Rita Lee and Alexandre Carlo and showing a new aspect when betting on R&B and Urban genres.[58] The second single, "Não Me Leve a Mal", was chosen through a Twitter vote of the singer, being released on September 28.[59] Despite the investments, which included the opening of Beyoncé's show in Brazil, the album sold only 20,000 copies.[60]

2010–15: DNA and DNA TourEdit

Wanessa during the DNA Tour in 2013.

In 2010 Wanessa announces a reformulation in the race, being directed to electronic music scene, claiming that it was a world tendency popularized by Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas.[61] In May, she auditioned for the musical A Marca do Zorro, which was approved for the character Luiza, but gave up so that her sister, Camila Camargo, could take the role.[62] On July 1, the track "Falling For U" by DJ Mister Jam was released with the participation of the singer's vocals.[63] On September 9, she released the first single from her forthcoming work, "Worth It", a version of "Beautiful Encounter (Yan Yu)", originally recorded by Elva Hsiao.[64] Two days later her first EP, Você não Perde por Esperar, sold through a music ticket - a magnetic card in which the buyers and keyed the code contained in the site of the singer to digital download the songs. On March 31 is released last single of the work, "Stuck On Repeat" version of Elle Vee.[65] At the time, in spite of the directions that would be launched in international career, Wanessa declared that it had no intention.[66]

On July 5, 2011, she released her new single, "Sticky Dough", in collaboration with American rapper Bam Bam, being a version of the original song by Charite Viken. In the same month, on 28th, her seventh studio album, DNA, recorded totally in English-language and entirely produced by Mr. Jam, that ended up having the promocion interrupted with the announcement of its pregnancy.[67] The title track "DNA" was released as a second single on October 24.[68] Already the third and last single, "Get Loud!", Was only released only on June 26, 2012 after the singer returned from maternity leave.[69] On December 1, 2012, she released her new song, "Hair & Soul", having the Wella-sponsored music video, which Wanessa was a publicity girl.[70] On April 17 the second single, "Shine It On" was released and, on the 30th, their live album DNA Tour.[71] On June 10 she released the track "Amor, Amor". On November 21 is released "Turn It Up", with the participation of the American rapper Soulja Boy, as single of the re-launch of the work.[72] In June 2015 begins the W15 Tour, aiming to celebrate its 15 years of career and bringing in the repertoire its greater successes.[73]

2016-17: Reformulation and 33Edit

Wanessa parading for the Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel in the Carnival 2017.

At the beginning of 2016 she began recording her eighth studio album, which had begun work in 2015, announcing her departure from the electronic scene for a more commercial pop radio direction for the radio, focusing on Portuguese-language lyrics.[74][75] Mister Jam and César Lemos were announced as producers and the singer quoted her 2005 album W as well as the tracks "Amor, Amor" and "Sem Querer" as references of the material she was preparing.[76] On January 31 it reveals that it would return to use the surname Camargo after 8 years of removing it of the artistic title. On May 17 she announced that she had crated the material she was recording until then and switched the producer team to make a redirection in her career, leaving pop music to focus on sertanejo music now.[77][78] At the time she entered the studio to record her eighth album again, this time under the new genre chosen, bringing Eduardo Pepato as producer, the same as the work of Luan Santana and Thaeme & Thiago.[79]

According to Wanessa, the decision to change the musical genre was based on the personal identification of the country music: "The way of pop I do not identify myself, it is not my beach, my footprint is romanticism and the sertanejo is a strong mark of my I'm doing what I believe."[80] In the same week she breaks with Sony Music and signs with Work Show, producer responsible for releases of the sertanejo market.[81] On July 26, she released the first single from the album, "Coração Embriagado", which reached the nineteenth position on Billboard Brasil, being the best result of her career until then.[82] "Vai que Vira Amor" was released as a promotional single on August 26.[83][84] On August 19 she released her eighth studio album, titled 33.[85][86] The work received harsh criticism, with the singer being called "Selling out" and "without musical identity" by the musical critics.[87][88]

Musical characteristicsEdit

Celine Dion (left) and Shania Twain (right) are two of Wanessa's main influences.


Wanessa had influences of romantic music during the course of her career, citing Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Mariah Carey as three of her great references.[89][90] In her early albums, she also sought inspiration from country pop artists, noting Shania as well as Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill - the latter two who reissued the tracks "Not Ready to Make Nice" and "Breathe", respectively.[90][91] The singer made a tour in partnership with her father, the Pai e Filha Tuor, in which she sang several of her influences, including "From This Moment On" and "You're Still the One" by Shania.[92] Rita Lee was another artist cited as important in the professional maturity of the singer, with whom she re-recorded the track "Coisas da Vida" for the album Meu Momento.[93]

In 2005, with her membership in pop music, Wanessa expanded her references, citing as influences Shakira, Michael Jackson and Madonna - which highlighted in an interview for UOL that her favorite songs were "Like a Prayer" and "La Isla Bonita".[94][95][90] In 2010, during an interview with Kboing, she also cited Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill, and Lady Gaga as part of their referral base.[96] In 2016, during an interview for the Programa do Porchat, Wanessa mentioned other women of the genre, such as Paula Fernandes, Maiara and Maraisa, Marília Mendonça and Naiara Azevedo, as references for the new phase of the career in the following of the sertanejo.[97]

Musical styleEdit

For most of her career Wanessa has devoted herself to country pop, including other recurring musical genres such as pop music and dance-pop - from 2005. Some songs feature such specific genres as pop rock ("Sem Querer", "Não Resisto a Nós Dois"), reggaeton ("Me Engana que Eu Gosto, "Amor Amor"), forró ("Me Pega de Jeito"), dubstep ("Sticky Dougth"), arrocha ("Vai Que Vira Amor"), R&B ("Fly", "Não Me Leve a Mal").[98] During a G1 interview in 2013, the singer explained that she has always tried to keep Brazilian elements in the songs, as a funk carioca from Rio in "Sticky Dough."[99] Her traditional genres were cast aside on album DNA in 2011, when Wanessa bet on a mix of EDM, electronic and electropop, which was recorded entirely in English, of the other albums.[100] In 2016, Wanessa made a redirection of race, directing itself to the sertanejo, predominant in the album 33.[101]


Wanessa has a vocal type classified as Mezzo-soprano, which covers a vocal extension of 3.2 octaves. The biggest highlights of her voice are her falsettos and chest voice, in addition to being able to perform high and extensive notes. Her longest notes are in the songs "Não Me Leve a Mal" and "Eu Estarei Aqui", where it reaches 16 seconds in both.[102]

Personal lifeEdit

In 1998, at age 16, she was the initial target of the kidnapping that ended up by mistake with her Uncle Welington Camargo, who mobilized the country when they cut a piece of her ear and sent it to the family.[103] Soon after, even with security hired, suffered a new attack when its college was assaulted.[8] After the raid her family moved to the city of Plantation, Florida, in the United States, to protect herself of future attacks, where she remained for a year.[8] In 2003 Wanessa revealed in an interview for Veja magazine that she had not been a virgin for some time.[104] But her parents still did not know and, days later, Zezé was questioned in an interview about this and said he was surprised by the news to know immediately.[105]

In 1998, during adolescence, Wanessa dated the singer Leandro Scornavacca, member of KLB, finishing a year later when it moved to the United States.[106] In 2000 she began a relationship with the actor Dado Dolabella, with whom she dated for two years, ending in 2002. In 2003 she had brief relationships with the actor Erik Marmo and with the singers Felipe Dylon and Rogério Flausino.[107][108] In 2004 also she dated the actor Rodrigo Prado for six months.[109] In 2005 she met the businessman from Espírito Santo, Marcus Buaiz, who married him two years later on May 26, 2007.[110][111][112] On June 18, 2011 announced her first pregnancy during an interview for the magazine Contigo!, José Marcus, born on January 5, 2012.[113][114] In December 2013 declares to be pregnant again, generating its second son João Francisco on June 19, 2014.[115]


Wanessa is also the ambassador of the NGO Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, which is fighting for the preservation of the Atlantic Forest. Due to her efforts to promote the NGO and its goals, and also to work for the clean-up of the Tietê River in São Paulo, Wanessa was awarded the 2007 Pro-Social Prize at the My Nick Awards event,[116] and some time then received the title of Personality of the Year and JK Jewel from Cicesp. In 2012, the singer received a cache of $150,000 from an advertisement that was entirely donated to Unicef.[117] As early as 2014, Wanessa donated the $50,000 fee she received from Caras magazine to display her second child exclusively in the publication for social projects.[118] On December 18, 2014, Wanessa makes a virtual pocket show with old songs and never sung before to lure fans into a campaign on behalf of a boy named Ryan, who suffers from Ondine syndrome. During the presentation, netizens could make their donations.[119] In December 2015, Wanessa was appointed UN ambassador, committing herself to UNAIDS actions in the response to HIV and discrimination.[120]

LGBT advocacyEdit

In 2009, Wanessa became involved in LGBT causes and the fight for equal rights for all: "Every human being has the option of loving whoever he or she wants, regardless of their sexual choice." I think it's great, I do not see anything against. being against people who make love, is ridiculous. It is a posture of society that no longer fits in today's time."[121] In 2011 Wanessa made a show at the 15th São Paulo Gay Pride Parade for an audience of 1 million people.[122] After having her first child with businessman Marcus Buaiz, the singer was asked how she would handle if her son was gay: "I look the best I can."[123] She also celebrated in 2013 in her social networks the approval of law 4277, which recognized same-sex marriage in Brazil and has already criticized Marco Feliciano's 'Gay Cure' project.[124] In 2015, Wanessa criticized the unfavorable for adopting children by homosexual couples: "A human being who says in the name of God that it is better for a child to be abandoned than to have two parents can not speak in the name of God. , the lack of education and the prejudice dictate what you are, God is in our hearts, in our actions, in the love of our neighbor, in the compassion, love is God, love is greater than everything."[125] In 2015, the singer made a show at the 19th LGBT Pride Parade in São Paulo for an audience of 1 million people again.[126]



Year Title Role Notes
2002–04 Jovens Tardes TV host
2004 Sítio do Picapau Amarelo Diana Dechamps Season 4
2004 Quebrando a Rotina Herself Season 2
2005 Subindo a Serra Herself Season 1
2008 High School Musical: A Seleção Coach / Mentor Episode: "Desafio das Duplas"
2012 Cheias de Charme Herself Episode: "September 6, 2012"
2013 Fábrica de Estrelas Herself Episode: "Segunda Etapa para Seleção da Nova Girl Band"
2014 Domingo da Gente TV host Episode: "January 26, 2014"
2015 Hora do Faro TV host Episode: "October 18, 2015"[128]
2015 Peladão a Bordo Coach / Mentor Episode: "November 17, 2015"[129]
Year Title Role Notes
2001 Xuxa e os Duendes Fairy Mel
2004 Cine Gibi Herself
2010 High School Musical: O Desafio Herself
2016 Sing Ash Dubbing[130]
Year Title Role Notes
2009 Dossiê Wanessa Herself Web-documentary.[131]



  • Apaixonada Tour (2001)
  • Wanessa Camargo Tour (2002)
  • Transparente Tour (2003–04)
  • W in Tour... Era Uma Vez (2006)
  • Total Tour (2008–09)
  • Meu Momento Tour (2009–10)
  • Balada Tour (2010–11)
  • DNA Tour (2012–15)
  • 33 Tour (2016–18)
  • Wanessa Camargo Tour (2018)[132]


  • Pai e Filha Tuor (2007) (with Zezé Di Camargo)
  • W15 Tour (2015)


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