Walking with Dinosaurs − The Arena Spectacular

Walking with Dinosaurs − The Arena Spectacular was a live adaptation of the award-winning television series Walking with Dinosaurs. Like the TV series, The Arena Spectacular has to recreate dinosaurs to the point of the viewers accepting the creatures as real. Created by late renowned Artistic Director and Visionary - William ‘Bill’ May. The show played its last show on 22 December 2019 at the Taipei Arena.[1]

VOA report about the Arena Spectacular


Tyrannosaurus in the arena

Walking with Dinosaurs − The Arena Spectacular was created by The Creature Technology Company.[2] The production cost $20 million to stage and used puppetry, suits, and animatronics to create 16 Mesozoic era creatures representing 10 species.[3] Each large dinosaur weighs several tons, and is operated by two "voodoo puppeteers" and a driver beneath the dinosaur who also monitors the hydraulics and batteries.[4] The smaller dinosaurs (marked by an *) are suits operated by the person in it, each weighing from 20–30 kg (44-66 lbs).[4] There are six puppeteers for these suits, which only have side views.[2] The nine prehistoric creatures featured are:

There was also the carcass of an ornithopod and a video sequence about the Ornithocheirus. Some of the dinosaurs initially did not have feathers, but they were later added after new research showed dinosaurs possessed plumage.[2] This also necessitated rewrites of the script, which were added to later iterations of the show as well as improvements in the animatronics, making them more responsive to puppeteers and giving them the ability to "eat" food and spray water vapor as "breath".[2]


Walking with Dinosaurs − The Arena Spectacular originated in Australia in January 2007 (as Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience), and toured North America in 2007–10, Europe in 2010, and returned to North America until 2011. It also toured Asia beginning in December 2010. In 2011 the show came to its final destination of its first tour, New Zealand. In 2012, the show toured the UK, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and the Netherlands.[citation needed]

Tour datesEdit

Walking with Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular tour dates
Date Venue City
20–22 July 2018 Metro Radio Arena Newcastle-upon-Tyne
26–28 July 2018 Arena Birmingham Birmingham
31 Jul-1 Aug 2018 Echo Arena Liverpool
3–4 August 2018 Manchester Arena Manchester
7–8 August 2018 Motorpoint Arena Nottingham
10–11 August 2018 FlyDSA Arena Sheffield
14–19 August 2018 O2 Arena London
22–23 August 2018 First Direct Arena Leeds
25–28 August 2018 SSE Hydro Glasgow
29 Aug-2 Sept 2018 SSE Arena SSE Hydro Belfast Glasgow
3–26 September 2018 SSE Hydro Glasgow
19–23 December 2018 3Arena Dublin
27–30 December 2018 SSE Arena, Wembley London


Elliot Wagland from Huffington Post UK called the show "an enchanting way to spend an afternoon", saying that it "stunned" his son into silence.[5]


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