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Walfredo Reyes Jr.

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Walfredo Reyes Jr. (born Walfredo de los Reyes Palau IV, December 18, 1955), is a Cuban American expert in drum set and auxiliary percussion, a music educator, and a clinician. He has performed with many jazz, Latin, World music, World fusion, Afro-Cuban, and rock bands as a touring, session recording, and full-time player. Reyes is known for his fusion of many of the world's percussion techniques, including the ability to play a drum set with his hands in addition to the traditional use of drumsticks, whereby it is said that he can "sound like a drummer and a percussionist at the same time".[1][2] He is well known for having been a long-term member of Santana, and a member of Chicago as the percussionist from 2012—2018 and the drummer since 2018.[3][4][5] He also currently performs in ex Nazareth guitarist Manny Charlton's solo band.

Walfredo Reyes Jr.
Photo of Walfredo Reyes Jr. smiling and playing a conga drum, at a live Chicago concert in 2013
Reyes playing a conga with Chicago in 2013
Background information
Native name
Walfredo de los Reyes Palau IV
Born (1955-12-18) December 18, 1955 (age 63)
Havana, Cuba
GenresJazz, Latin, World music, World fusion, Afro-Cuban, and Rock
Occupation(s)session and full-time musician;
music educator and clinician
Years active1974 (1974)–present
Associated actsChicago, Santana, Traffic, Manny Charlton Band



Walfredo Reyes Jr. was born on December 18, 1955 in Havana, Cuba. His native name of Walfredo de los Reyes Palau IV is a traditional Cuban combination of his paternal and maternal surnames. He is a third generation musician in a prolific professional musical lineage on both sides of his family, including several globally notable percussion experts.

His father is percussionist Walfredo Reyes, Sr.; one brother is World music percussionist Daniel de los Reyes; another brother is actor Kamar de los Reyes; and his grandfather is trumpeter and Cuban orchestral organizer, Walfredo de los Reyes II.[6][7] Coincidentally, his father had been professionally credited by the same name, Walfredo Reyes Jr., for his own percussion work throughout the 1940s to 1960s, to differentiate himself from his own father.[citation needed]

Reyes has had a lifelong interest in the music of Chicago Transit Authority, now known as Chicago. He says that the band's debut album, Chicago Transit Authority, is the first album that he had ever purchased as a youth with his own money.[7]


Leading up to his present role with Chicago, Reyes had had a connection with the band as a lifelong fan of Chicago, as a long-time friend of and collaborator with drummer Tris Imboden,[8]:47 and as brother of Chicago's former auxiliary percussionist Daniel de los Reyes.[6][7] He is the title character of the Phish song "Walfredo".[9]

Reyes has globally toured or recorded with many major groups, including the following:[3]

Years Artist
1983—1984 Tania Maria
1985—1988 David Lindley’s El Rayo X
1988 Jackson Browne
1988 Jimmy Barnes
1989—1993 Santana
1992 Boz Scaggs
1993 Gloria Estefan
1994 Traffic
1995 Robbie Robertson
1997—2004 Steve Winwood
1998—1999 Joe Sample
2000 Johnny Hallyday
2005 Khaled
2007—2011 Lindsey Buckingham
2008 Mickey Hart
2010—2012 El Chicano[10]
2012—present Chicago[4][5]


Select discography
Year Artist Title Credits Source
1986 Jackson Browne Lives in the Balance conductor, conga, drum set [11]
1993 Santana Sacred Fire: Live in South America member [12][13][notes 1]
1995 Frank Gambale Thinking Out Loud percussion [14][15]
2000 Johnny Hallyday 100% Johnny Live a la tour Eiffel [16]
2000 Johnny Hallyday Olympia 2000 - Live a l'Olympia [17]
2009 Thomas Lorenzo Quartet Spanish Breeze member [18]
2012 Manny Charlton Band Hellacious member [19]
2014 Chicago Chicago XXXVI: Now Member, percussion


Year Title Artist Credits Source
1981 Pippin: His Life and Times Soundtrack musician, uncredited [23]
1993 Santana: Sacred Fire, Live in Mexico Santana member [24][notes 1]
2000 100% Johnny Live a la tour Eiffel Johnny Hallyday [25]
2000 Olympia 2000 - Live a l'Olympia Johnny Hallyday [26]
2003 The Studio Percussionist, Vol. 1 Michael McFall; Dave Witham;
Walfredo de los Reyes;
Larry Klimas; John Peña
2005 The Last Great Traffic Jam Traffic [28]
2005 Sound Stage featuring Steve Winwood Steve Winwood member [29]
2005 Global Beats for Drumset & Percussion Walfredo Reyes Jr. author of instructional video [30]
2011 Songs from the Small Machine Lindsey Buckingham Drums
2011 The Road Divides Carl Verheyen Band Drums, percussion [31]
2014 Killer B3 Interviewee, drum set [32]


Reyes uses and endorses the following equipment:

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