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WBC Muaythai is a non-profit organization that regulates, sanctions, and supervises professional Muay Thai championships, worldwide. The organization also adheres to the standard rules and regulations for all Muay Thai competitions as approved by the Board of Boxing Sport (Office of Professional Sports) Sports Authority of Thailand. The WBC MuayThai is active in over seventy-five countries and territories around the world promoting the sport, culture, and rich heritage of MuayThai. [1][2] WBC Muaythai has its own constitution, rules, and regulations, aiming to promote the sport and foster Muay Thai championships in all weight divisions.[3]

WBC Muaythai
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AbbreviationWBC Muay Thai
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General Kovid Bhakdibhumi



The fighters use gloves certified by WBC Muaythai or the local commissioner. Fighters between minimum weight and welterweight use 8 oz gloves, while fighters in weight classes above super welterweight use 10 oz gloves. The gloves are tied with knots, taped, and inspected by a supervisor before the fight.

The fighters wear shorts without shirts or shoes, while female fighters must also wear a top. They must additionally wear a protective cup, a gumshield and are allowed to wear ankle supports. Long hair must be tied, while long beards are allowed if they are religiously significant. Fingernails and toenails must be neatly trimmed. Sacred headbands are to be taken off before the fight itself.[4]

Round durationEdit

Male fighters contest five rounds of three minutes each, while female fighters contest five rounds of two minutes each. The rest period in between each round is two minutes in length.

Scoring procedureEdit

Rounds are scored on a 10 points must system. If there is no clear round winner, both fighters earn ten points. If the fighter has won a round he earns a 10-9 point advantage, if he has clearly won the round he earns a 10-8 point advantage, if he managed to knock his opponent down once he earns a 10-7 point advantage, and if he knocked his opponent down twice a 10-6 point advantage. Should a fighter be cautioned for a rule infraction, he may not earn the full ten points.

Fighters win the round if they successfully land strikes with their fists, elbows, knees, shins or feet. The fighter will win the round if he has shown more strike volume, more accurate and powerful strikes, aggression and if he has done more damage to his opponent than he has received.[5]

The fighter may also win the fight by knockout if he has rendered his opponent unable to continue through a successful strike, or through a technical knockout if his opponent has been counted down three times in a single round, or five times throughout the entire fight.

Rule violationEdit

The following acts are considered to rule infractions: biting, spitting, eye-gouging, strikes to the groin, headbutting, sticking out one's tongue at the opponent, judo or wrestling takedowns, continuing to attack a downed opponent, grabbing the ropes, catching the opponents leg and advancing more than two steps without attacking, using illegal substances.

Hall of fameEdit

On January 31, 2020 WBC Muaythai opened its hall of fame, in which they inducted fighters who achieved great distinction with the organization or in muay thai.[6]

Weight Class Champion Date Inducted
Light Heavyweight   Nathan Corbett January 31, 2020
Cruiserweight   Steve McKinnon January 31, 2020
Light Heavyweight   Artem Levin January 31, 2020
Middleweight   Steve Wakeling January 31, 2020
Middleweight   Lamsongkram Chuwattana January 31, 2020
Welterweight   Kem Sitsongpeenong January 31, 2020
Super Lightweight   Sagetdao Petpayathai January 31, 2020
Featherweight   Anuwat Kaewsamrit January 31, 2020
Super Bantamweight   Ruth Ashdown January 31, 2020
Welterweight   Julie Kitchen January 31, 2020
Lightweight   Miriam Nakamoto January 31, 2020
Heavyweight   Shane Del Rosario January 31, 2020
Light Heavyweight   Kaoklai Kaennorsing January 31, 2020
Bantamweight   Tiana Caverly January 31, 2020
Heavyweight   Ginty Vrede January 31, 2020

Current championsEdit

Male world championsEdit

Weight Class Champion Date Won Days
Heavyweight   Lyndon Knowles November 27, 2021 58
Cruiserweight   Gerardo Atti September 25, 2021 121
Light Heavyweight   George Mann June 5, 2021 233
Super Middleweight   Hamza Ngoto August 23, 2018 1250
Middleweight   Liam Nolan November 7, 2021 78
Super Welterweight Vacant
Welterweight Vacant
Super Lightweight Vacant
Lightweight   Michael Savvas December 21, 2019 765
Super Featherweight   Samingdet Nor.Anuwatgym September 18, 2020 493
Super Bantamweight   Asahi Shinagawa February 9, 2020 715
Bantamweight   Petch Sor Chitpattana November 28, 2018 1153
Super Flyweight Vacant
Flyweight Vacant
Light Flyweight   Praewprao PetchyindeeAcademy June 9, 2018 1325
Mini Flyweight   Petchdet Wor Sungprapai July 2, 2019 937

Male international championsEdit

Weight Class Champion Date Won
Heavyweight Vacant
Cruiserweight Vacant
Light Heavyweight Vacant
Super Middleweight Vacant
Middleweight Vacant
Super Welterweight Vacant
Welterweight Vacant
Super Lightweight   Prince Junior October 5, 2019
Lightweight   Faycal Barhoumi October 13, 2019
Super Featherweight Vacant
Featherweight Vacant
Super Bantamweight   Ryan Sheehan March 9, 2020
Bantamweight   Akram Hamidi October 5, 2019
Super Flyweight Vacant
Flyweight Vacant
Light Flyweight Vacant
Mini Flyweight Vacant

Female world championsEdit

Weight Class Champion Date Won Days
Middleweight Vacant
Super Welterweight Vacant
Welterweight Vacant
Super Lightweight Vacant
Lightweight Vacant
Super Featherweight Vacant
Featherweight   Lena Ovchynnikova December 7, 2019 779
Super Bantamweight Vacant
Bantamweight Vacant
Super Flyweight Vacant
Flyweight   Lara Fernandez March 9, 2020 686
Light Flyweight Vacant
Mini Flyweight Vacant

Diamond world championsEdit

Weight Class Champion Date Won
Super Welterweight   Buakaw Banchamek August 15, 2014
Middleweight   Phetmorakot Petchyindee Academy October 4, 2019
Middleweight   Youssef Boughanem July 17, 2021
Super Lightweight   Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym August 14, 2011
Super Lightweight   Singdam Kiatmuu9 July 27, 2019
Super Bantamweight   Ruth Ashdown August 15, 2018

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