W.A.K.O. European Championships 1986

W.A.K.O. European Championships 1986 were the eighth European kickboxing championships hosted by the W.A.K.O. organization arranged by Simon Zahopoulos. The championships were open to amateur men and women based in Europe with each country only allowed one competitor per weight division. The styles on offer were Full-Contact (men only) and Semi-Contact kickboxing. West Germany were easily the strongest nation overall by the end of the championships, with hosts Greece in second and Great Britain third in the medals table. The event was held in Athens, Greece on Saturday, November 29 to Sunday, November 30, 1986.[1]

W.A.K.O. European Championships 1986
The poster for W.A.K.O. European Championships 1986.
DateNovember 29 (Start)
November 30, 1986 (End)
CityGreece Athens, Greece
Event chronology
W.A.K.O. World Championships 1985 Budapest W.A.K.O. European Championships 1986 W.A.K.O. World Championships 1987

Men's Full-Contact KickboxingEdit

In the men's Full-Contact category at Athens there were ten weight classes ranging from 54 kg/118.8 lbs to over 91 kg/+200.2 lbs, with all of the bouts fought under Full-Contact rules - more detail on Full-Contact rules can be found on the W.A.K.O. website, although they may have changed slightly since 1986.[2] Notable winners included the ever-present Ferdinand Mack who won his seventh gold at a W.A.K.O. championships (European and World), Michael Kuhr who won his third gold and local fighter Georgios Stefanopoulos who would also go on to have a successful amateur boxing career. West Germany was the most successful nation in Full-Contact, winning four golds, one silver and one bronze.[3]

Men's Full-Contact Kickboxing Medals TableEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
-54 kg Darren Evans   Gabriel Damm   No Bronze medallists recorded
-57 kg Rudolf Kainer   Paul Monty   No Bronze medallists recorded
-60 kg Michael Kuhr   Bogdan Sawicki   No Bronze medallists recorded
-63.5 kg George Kotsis   Joannis Zachos   No Bronze medallists recorded
-67 kg Mario Dimitroff   Chris McNeesh   No Bronze medallists recorded
-71 kg Martin Manderville   Kostas Gogos   Angelo Ciarafoni  
Joachim Mainka  
-75 kg Ferdinand Mack   Mick McCue   Mario Pisk  
N. Papatheas  
-80 kg Keith Wilson   Peter Lowrie   Raffaello Molino  
Rudolf Dusan  
-91 kg Georgios Stefanopoulos   Miljenco Sarac   Franco Mondolo  
+91 kg Mladen Carevic   No Silver medallist recorded No Bronze medallists recorded

Semi-Contact KickboxingEdit

Semi-Contact differed from Full-Contact in that fighters were won by points given due to technique, skill and speed, with physical force limited - more information on Semi-Contact can be found on the W.A.K.O. website, although the rules will have changed since 1986.[4] There were fewer weight divisions in men's Semi-Contact when compared to Full-Contact with seven ranging from 57 kg/125.4 lbs to over 84 kg/+184.8 lbs. As with Full-Contact the top nation in men's Semi-Contact was West Germany who won four golds and two silver medals.[5]

Women's kickboxing had been introduced at the London and Budapest world championships of 1985, but Athens was the first European championships to host women's Semi-Contact. There were four women's weight divisions ranging from 50 kg/110 lbs to over 60 kg/132 lbs). By the end of the championships West Germany was the strongest nation in women's Semi-Contact as well, winning two golds, one silver and one bronze medal.[6]

Men's Semi-Contact Kickboxing Medals TableEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
-57 kg Piotr Siegoczynski   Jurgen Jakob   No Bronze medallists recorded
-63 kg Walter Lange   Bogdan Rudkowski   Nikos Memos  
Carlton Abbey  
-69 kg Reiner Walter   Spiros Velios   Artur Piekarz  
Evelyn Dwyer  
-74 kg Ralf Kunzler   Carl Reynolds   Vassilios Kapatais  
George McKenzie  
-79 kg Steve French   Andreas Lindemann   Basilio Basile  
Irenevsz Jakubiak  
-84 kg Alfie Lewis   D. Muratithis   Peter Opasca  
M. Markesina  
+84 kg Peter Hainke   Andrew Boyce   M. Zapior  

Women's Semi-Contact Kickboxing Medals TableEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
-50 kg Chris Ganzmann   Ewa Lysiak   No Bronze medallist recorded
-55 kg Gerda Mack   Anna Pietryka   No Bronze medallist recorded
-60 kg Margareta Niania   Lisa Oliver   Ute Bernhard  
Jane Grey  
+60 kg Diane Grimmer   Dagmar Einwag   M. Tzeffrakov  
Monik Maughan  

Overall Medals Standing (Top 5)Edit

Ranking Country Gold   Silver   Bronze  
1   West Germany 10 4 2
2   Greece 3 3 3
3   Great Britain 2 5 4
4   Poland 1 4 3
5   Scotland 1 2 2

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