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Wójcik, Wojczik, Wojczyk, Wojszyk is one of the oldest and the fourth most common surname in Poland (100,064 in 2009).[1][2]

Wójcik as a toponymic surname is derived from villages Wójcia, Wójciki, as a cognominal surname from the word wojak ("warrior"), as from the word wójt, chief officer of a municipality (gmina).[citation needed]

Feminine forms are Wójcik, Wójcikówna, Wójcikowa. Over the centuries, from many dialects arose multiple spellings for the Wójcik surname, including Woichik, Wojczyk, Woyzeck, Wojszyk, Wujcik, etc.


Early record of the Wójcik surname may be found in the Chronicles of Little Poland (13th century)[citation needed] We learn the knight Wójcik was a companion of King Wladyslaw of Poland and a member of his bodyguard.[citation needed] From medieval Łęczyca Court Files (14th century). (In 1395 Michno Wójcik of Wójciki pursued legal action against City of Łęczyca for take back an illegally annexed part of his estate during his absence.)

Very rare noble families Wójcik bear different coats of arms:

  • Wójcik of Bialynia
  • Wójcik and Wojczyk of Pobog
  • Wójcik and Wójcikowski of Korab
  • Wójcik of German origin: Silver, an eagle black, crowned gold.
  • de Wojcza, Wojczik and Wojszyk of Ogończyk
  • Wójcik and Wójsik of Ostoja
  • Wojszyk of Szeliga
  • Wojszek and Wójszyk of Łodzia
  • Wójcik of Lubicz
  • Wójcik of Rola
  • Wojsik and Wojszik of Łabędź
  • Wojszek and Wojszik of Piława
  • Wójsik and Wojszyk of Janina
  • In the 17th century appeared the family Wójcikiewicz (derived from family Wójcik) of the Bialynia coat of arms
  • Wójcikowski of the Nałęcz coat of arms.

However, most families bearing the surnames Wójcik, Wójczyk, Wojszik, etc., (c. 90%) are derived from peasantry or burghers, as a result of popular adoptions of this surname between the 17th and 19th centuries. These families derived their surname from the named office of wójt, (municipality (gmina) chiefa or the first name Wojciech: son of Wojciech is also Wojcik.




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