Wänzl rifle

The Wänzel rifle was a breechloading conversion of the Lorenz M1854 and M1862 rifles. The Austro-Hungarian Empire used the Wänzel as their service rifle until they had enough Werndl-Holub M1867 rifles to arm the military.

Wänzel rifle
TypeBreech-loading rifle
Place of originAustrian Empire
Service history
In service1867–1918
Used byAustria
Qing Empire
WarsHerzegovina Uprising (1882)
Boxer Rebellion
Balkan Wars
World War I (rear echelon troops)
Production history
No. built70,000
VariantsWänzel Infanterie Gewehr M1854/67
Wänzel Infanterie Gewehr M1862/67
Wänzel JägerStutzen M1854/67
Wänzel JägerStutzen M1862/67
Wänzel Extra-Corps Gewehr M1854/67
Wänzel Extra-Corps Gewehr M1862/67
Wänzel WallGewehr M1872
Length41.4 in (1,050 mm) to 52.6 in (1,340 mm)

Cartridge14×33R rimfire & centerfire
ActionFront-hinged trapdoor
Feed systemSingle-shot

The rifle was a lifting block breechloader chambered for the 14×33mm Wänzel rimfire cartridge. The Austrians converted a total of 70,000 Lorenz muskets to Wänzels.

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