Vučitrn massacre

The Vučitrn massacre was the mass killing of Kosovo Albanian refugees near Vučitrn, during the Kosovo War on 2-3 May 1999.

Vushtrri massacre
Vushtrri 2006.PNG
Location of Vushtrri in Kosovo
LocationVushtrri, Kosovo
Date2-3 May 1999 (Central European Time)
TargetKosovo Albanian refugees
Attack type
Mass Killing
PerpetratorsSerbian Police


A column of about 1,000 refugees were travelling in a convoy of about 100 tractors, who were fleeing fighting between the KLA and Serbian forces east of Vučitrn.[1] Serbian Police and paramilitary forces caught up with the convoy that traveled south. On 2-3 May between Gornja Sudimlja and Donja Sudimlja (Albanian: Studime e Eperme and Studime e Poshtme) near Vučitrn, an estimated one hundred men were killed.[2]

ICTY investigator Romeu Ventura stated that 120 civilians were murdered on 2 May by Serb forces and buried two days later in a mass grave five miles east of Vučitrn.[1] After the war, ICTY forensic teams discovered 98 bodies in Gornja Sudimlja.[2]

The Vučitrn case was raised at the trial of Serbian police general Vlastimir Đorđević.[3] The indictment against Đorđević says that some 105 Kosovo Albanians[who?] were killed in the massacre near the village of Sudimlje on 2 May 1999.[4] Đorđević was sentenced to 27 years in prison.[5]


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