Vsevolod II of Kiev

Vsevolod II Olgovich (Cyrillic: Всеволод II Ольгович) (died August 1, 1146) was the Prince (Knyaz) of Chernigov (1127–1139) and Grand Prince (Velikiy Knyaz) of Kiev] (Kyiv, 1139–1146), son of Oleg Svyatoslavich, Prince of Chernigov.

Vsevolod II of Kiev (Kyiv)
Died(1146-08-01)1 August 1146
Noble familyOlgovichi, Rurik dynasty
Spouse(s)Maria of Kiev
IssueSviatoslav III of Kiev
Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich
FatherOleg Svyatoslavich
MotherTheophano Mouzalonissa, archontess of Rhousia

Vsevolod married Maria Mstislavna of Kiev, the daughter of Grand Duke Mstislav of Kiev. They had two sons and two daughters:

  1. Sviatoslav III of Kiev
  2. Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich, born in 1139
  3. Anna of Chernigov, married a prince of Halych, son of Vasylko Rostyslavych according to some chronicles
  4. Zvenislava of Chernigov, married Boleslaw I the Tall, Duke of Wroclaw

Though he had two sons, Vsevolod's chosen successor was his brother, Igor, and he obtained pledges from his subjects to accept Igor as his heir. According to one account, Vsevolod even had the Kievans kiss the Holy Cross and swear loyalty to Igor, which they resented. Shortly before his death, Vsevolod became a monk under the name Gavriil.


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Vsevolod II of Kiev
 Died: 1 August 1146
Preceded by Grand Prince of Kiev
Succeeded by