Voter (foaled 1894) was a Thoroughbred racehorse bred in England that competed in the United States where his racing success led to his selection as the American Champion Older Male Horse of 1899.[1] When his racing career was over, Voter became an influential sire.[2]

SireFriar's Balsam
CountryGreat Britain
BreederFoxhall P. Keene
OwnerJames R. & Foxhall P. Keene
TrainerThomas Green
William Lakeland
James G. Rowe Sr.
Record49: 26-6-7
Major wins
Billow Stakes (1896)
White Plains Handicap (1896)
Winged Foot Handicap (1896)
Coney Island Handicap (1897, 1900, 1901)
Cyclone Handicap (1897)
Metropolitan Handicap (1897)
Jamaica Stakes (1900)
Ocean Handicap (1900)
Sea Cliff Stakes (1900)
Test Handicap (1900)
Toboggan Handicap (1900)
Flight Handicap (1901)
American Champion Older Male Horse (1899)

Background edit

Voter was bred in England by American Foxhall Keene, the son of the very prominent American businessman and major owner and breeder of Thoroughbred horses, James R. Keene. Voter was brought to the United States as a yearling.

Track and World Records edit

On July 17, 1900, at Brighton Beach Race Course on Coney Island, New York, Voter set a new World Record of 1:38.00 for a mile on dirt.[3]

Among his important stakes wins, Voter was a three-time winner of the Coney Island Handicap with his most important victory coming in the 1897 Metropolitan Handicap. [4] [5] [6]

At stud edit

When his racing career was over, Voter stood at his owner's Castleton Stud near Lexington, Kentucky.[7] Some of his important offspring include:

Pedigree edit

Pedigree of Voter, chestnut stallion, 1894
Friar's Balsam
Hermit Newminster Touchstone
Seclusion Tadmor
Miss Sellon
Flower of Dorset Breadalbane Stockwell
Blink Bonny
Imperatrice Orlando
Barcaldine Solon West Australian
Birdcatcher mare
Ballyroe Belladrum
Bon Accord
Gaydene Albert Victor Marsyas
The Princess of Wales
Flora Macdonald Scottish Chief
Mayflower (family: 1-g)

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