Voras mountain range

The Voras Mountain Range or Nidzhe-Kozhuf (Greek: Όρος Βόρας, Macedonian: Ниџе-Koжуф) are a mountain range in the Balkan Peninsula that lies on the border between North Macedonia and Greece.


The mountain range is typically divided in three mountain sub-ranges:


The mountains form a natural barrier between the Mediterranean and sub-continental climate in the region. The southern slopes drop down rapidly and encircle the Meglen field while the northern slopes gradually fall down towards the rivers Crna and Boshavica.

The mountain range hosts a ski resort at Kozhuf and the hot springs at Loutra Loutrakiou

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Coordinates: 40°56′10″N 21°57′00″E / 40.936°N 21.95°E / 40.936; 21.95