Voltzberg is a mountain in Suriname at 240 metres (787 ft). It is part of the Emma Range and is located in the Sipaliwini District. It is named after the German geologist Friedrich Voltz. Voltzberg used to form a nature reserve together with the closeby Raleigh Falls. In 1998, it became part of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve.[1]

Voltzberg Mountain top.jpg
Highest point
Elevation240 m (790 ft)
Coordinates4°40′N 56°10′W / 4.667°N 56.167°W / 4.667; -56.167Coordinates: 4°40′N 56°10′W / 4.667°N 56.167°W / 4.667; -56.167
Voltzberg is located in Suriname
LocationSipaliwini District, Suriname
Parent rangeEmma Range

The mountain rises from three sides and therefore looks very imposing,[2] however it is much easier to climb than the neighbouring Van Stockumberg.[3] The mountain is home to many monkeys.[2] The mountain is popular with bird watchers with more than 400 different birds including the Guianan cock-of-the-rock.[4]

The Voltzberg features on the 20 Surinamese dollar banknote.[5]


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