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The Volpi Cup (Italian: Coppa Volpi alla miglior attrice or Coppa Volpi per la miglior interpretazione femminile) is the principal award given to actresses at the Venice Film Festival and is named in honor of Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, the founder of the festival. The award winner is selected by the festival jury from the films in the competition slate. The official name of the award has changed several times over the course of the years. From 1969 through 1978, there were no awards given at the festival for acting. The main Best Actress Award resumed in 1983. The awards given from 1983 to 1987 were not Coppa Volpis but rather square plaques. The award can be given for lead or supporting performances. There are additional awards given within the festival that recognize acting performances. From 1993 to 1995 the festival awarded a Best Supporting Actress prize that is included below. As of the 2018 ceremony, Olivia Colman is the most recent winner in this category for her portrayal of the British monarch Queen Anne in The Favourite.

‡ – indicates the performance was also nominated for an Academy Award

† – indicates the performance was also an Academy Award winner



The following actresses received the Volpi Cup or other major Best Actress Award:[1][2]

Year Actress Role Film Nationality of actress
1932 & 1934 - Awarded as "Great Gold Medal of the National Fascist Association for Entertainment for the Best Actress"
1932 Helen Hayes (Special Award) Madelon Claudet † The Sin of Madelon Claudet United States
1934 Katharine Hepburn[3] (Special Award) Josephine "Jo" March Little Women United States
1935-1942 - Awarded as "Volpi Cup"
1935 Paula Wessely Valerie Gärtner Episode Austria
1936 Annabella Jeanne de Corlaix Standby Weapons France
1937 Bette Davis Mary Dwight Strauber Marked Woman United States
Louise "Fluff" Phillips Kid Galahad
1938 Norma Shearer Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette United States
No Award
No Award
1941 Luise Ullrich Annelie Dörensen Annelie Germany
1942 Kristina Söderbaum Anna Jobst The Golden City Sweden
1947-1950 - Awarded as "International Award for the Best Actor"
No Award
1947 Anna Magnani Angelina Bianchi The Honorable Angelina Italy
1948 Jean Simmons Ophelia Hamlet United Kingdom
1949 Olivia de Havilland Virginia Stuart Cunningham ‡ The Snake Pit UK / USA
1950 Eleanor Parker Marie Allen ‡ Caged United States
1951-1968 - Awarded as "Volpi Cup"
1951 Vivien Leigh Blanche DuBois A Streetcar Named Desire United Kingdom
1952 Ingrid Bergman[4][5] Irene Girard Europe '51 Sweden
1953 Lili Palmer Abby Edwards The Four Poster Bed Germany
No Award[6]
No Award[7]
1956 Maria Schell Gervaise Macquart Coupeau Gervaise Austria
Anna Magnani (Special Award) Letizia The Awakening Italy
1957 Dzidra Ritenberga Malva Malva Soviet Union
Eva Marie Saint (Special Award) Celia Pope A Hatful of Rain United States
1958 Sophia Loren Rose Bianco The Black Orchid Italy
Jeanne Moreau (Special Award) Jeanne Tournier The Lovers France
1959 Madeleine Robinson Thérèse Marcoux Web of Passion France
Carla Gravina (Special Award) Esterina Esterina Italy
Lucyna Winnicka (Special Award) Marta Night Train Poland
1960 Shirley Maclaine Fran Kubelik ‡ The Apartment United States
1961 Suzanne Flon Madame Cordier Thou Shalt Not Kill France
Geraldine Page (Special Award) Alma Winemiller ‡ Summer and Smoke United States
1962 Emmanuelle Riva Thérèse Desqueyroux Thérèse Desqueyroux France
Anna Magnani (Special Award) Mamma Roma Mamma Roma Italy
1963 Delphine Seyrig Hélène Aughain Muriel France
1964 Harriet Andersson Louise To Love Sweden
1965 Annie Girardot Kay Larsi Three Rooms in Manhattan France
1966 Natalya Arinbasarova Altynai The First Teacher Soviet Union
1967 Shirley Knight Lulu Dutchman United States
1968 Laura Betti Emilia Theorem Italy
1983–1987 - Awarded as "Best Actor Award"
1983 Darling Légitimus M'man-Tine Sugar Cane Alley France
1984 Pascale Ogier Louise Full Moon in Paris France
No Award[8]
1986 Valeria Golino Bruna Assecondati A Tale of Love Italy
1987 Kang Soo-yeon Ok-nyo The Surrogate Woman South Korea
1988-present - Awarded as "Volpi Cup for the Best Actress" (also "Volpi Cup for the Best Supporting Actress")
1988 Isabelle Huppert (Tie) Marie-Louise Giraud Story of Women France
Shirley Maclaine (Tie) Madame Sousatzka Madame Sousatzka United States
1989 Peggy Ashcroft (Tie) Lillian Huckle
She's Been Away United Kingdom
Geraldine James (Tie) Harriet Ambrose
1990 Gloria Münchmeyer Lucrecia The Moon in the Mirror Chile
1991 Tilda Swinton Isabella of France Edward II United Kingdom
1992 Gong Li Qiu Ju The Story of Qiu Ju China
1993 Juliette Binoche Julie Vignon de Courcy Three Colors: Blue France
Anna Bonaiuto (Supporting) Mother Where Are You? I'm Here Italy
1994 Maria de Medeiros Maria Three Brothers Portugal
Vanessa Redgrave (Supporting) Irina Shapira Little Odessa United Kingdom
1995 Isabelle Huppert (Tie) Jeanne La Cérémonie France
Sandrine Bonnaire (Tie) Sophie
Isabella Ferrari (Supporting) Andreina Story of a Poor Young Man Italy
1996 Victoire Thivisol Ponette Ponette France
1997 Robin Tunney Marcy Niagara, Niagara United States
1998 Catherine Deneuve Marianne Malivert Place Vendôme France
1999 Nathalie Baye Her A Pornographic Affair France
2000 Rose Byrne B.G. The Goddess of 1967 Australia
2001 Sandra Ceccarelli Maria Light of My Eyes Italy
2002 Julianne Moore Cathy Whitaker ‡ Far from Heaven United States
2003 Katja Riemann Lena Fischer Rosenstrasse Germany
2004 Imelda Staunton Vera Rose Drake ‡ Vera Drake United Kingdom
2005 Giovanna Mezzogiorno Sabina The Beast in the Heart Italy
2006 Helen Mirren Elizabeth II The Queen United Kingdom
2007 Cate Blanchett Jude Quinn ‡ I'm Not There Australia
2008 Dominique Blanc Céleste Scriwaneck The Other One France
2009 Kseniya Rappoport Sonia The Double Hour Russia
2010 Ariane Labed Marina Attenberg France
2011 Deanie Ip Sister Peach A Simple Life Hong Kong
2012 Hadas Yaron Shira Mendelman Fill the Void Israel
2013 Elena Cotta Samira Calafiore Via Castellana Bandiera Italy
2014 Alba Rohrwacher Mina Hungry Hearts Italy
2015 Valeria Golino Anna Per amor vostro Italy
2016 Emma Stone Mia Dolan † La La Land United States
2017 Charlotte Rampling Hannah Hannah United Kingdom
2018 Olivia Colman Queen Anne The Favourite United Kingdom

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