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Volpi Cup for Best Actor

The Volpi Cup (Italian: Coppa Volpi) is the principal award given to actors at the Venice Film Festival and is named in honor of Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, the founder of the Venice Film Festival. The name and number of prizes have been changed several times since their introduction, ranging from two to four awards per edition and sometimes acknowledging both leading and supporting performances.

The festival was officially competitive for the first time in 1934. The acting award was named Grande medaglia d'oro dell'Associazione Nazionale Fascista dello Spettacolo per il migliore attore (Great Gold Medal of the National Fascist Association for Entertainment for the Best Actor). After a four-year hiatus caused by the war, the festival was once again competitive in 1947. The acting award in the immediate post-war period was named Premio Internazionale per il migliore attore (International Award for the Best Actor).[1][2][3][4] The festival was again competitive in 1980 but the acting awards given by the competition jury were not reinstated until 1983: the prizes were no longer called Coppa Volpi (Volpi Cup) but were simply referred to as Premio per il migliore attore (Best Actor Award). The winners did not receive cup-shaped awards but were instead given rectangular plaques. In 1988, for the first time in 20 years, the most recognizable prizes of the festival were re-established. The two acting award was officially named Coppa Volpi per la migliore interpretazione maschile (Volpi Cup for the Best Actor).[5]

Award winnersEdit

The following actors received the Volpi Cup or other major Best Actor Award:[6][7]

Table key
Indicates the performance was also an Academy Award winner
Indicates the performance was also nominated for an Academy Award
Year Actor Role Film Nationality of actor
1932 & 1934 - Awarded as "Great Gold Medal of the National Fascist Association for Entertainment for the Best Actor"
1932 Fredric March (Special Award) Dr. Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde   United States
1934 Wallace Beery[8] (Special Award) Pancho Villa Viva Villa!   United States
1935-1942 - Awarded as "Volpi Cup"
1935 Pierre Blanchar Raskolnikov Crime and Punishment (Crime et châtiment)   France
1936 Paul Muni Louis Pasteur The Story of Louis Pasteur   United States
1937 Emil Jannings Matthias Clausen Der Herrscher   Germany
1938 Leslie Howard Professor Henry Higgins ‡ Pygmalion   United Kingdom
No Award
No Award
1941 Ermete Zacconi Don Geronimo Buonaparte Don Buonaparte   Italy
1942 Fosco Giachetti Captain Enrico Berti Bengasi   Italy
1947-1950 - Awarded as "International Award for the Best Actor"
No Award
1947 Pierre Fresnay Vincent de Paul Monsieur Vincent   France
1948 Ernst Deutsch Scharf The Trial (Der Prozeß)   Austria
1949 Joseph Cotten Eben Adams Portrait of Jennie   United States
1950 Sam Jaffe Erwin “Doc” Riedenschneider ‡ The Asphalt Jungle   United States
1951-1968 - Awarded as "Volpi Cup"
1951 Jean Gabin Raymond Pinsard The Night Is My Kingdom (La nuit est mon royaume)   France
1952 Fredric March Willy Loman Death of a Salesman   United States
1953 Henri Vilbert François Dupont Le bon Dieu sans confession   France
1954 Jean Gabin Victor Le Garrec Air of Paris (L’Air de Paris)   France
Max ("Max le Menteur") Touchez pas au grisbi
1955 Curd Jürgens (Tie) Wolf Gerke Heroes and Sinners (Les héros sont fatigués)   Austria /   West Germany
Kenneth More (Tie) Freddie Page The Deep Blue Sea   United Kingdom
1956 Bourvil Marcel Martin La Traversée de Paris (The trip across Paris)   France
1957 Anthony Franciosa Polo Pope ‡ A Hatful of Rain   United States
1958 Alec Guinness Gulley Jimson The Horse’s Mouth   United Kingdom
1959 James Stewart Paul Biegler ‡ Anatomy of a Murder   United States
1960 John Mills Lt. Col. Basil Barrow Tunes of Glory   United Kingdom
1961 Toshirō Mifune Sanjuro Yojimbo (用心棒)   Japan
1962 Burt Lancaster Robert Stroud Birdman of Alcatraz   United States
1963 Albert Finney Tom Jones ‡ Tom Jones   United Kingdom
1964 Tom Courtenay Private Arthur Hamp King & Country   United Kingdom
1965 Toshirō Mifune Dr. Kyojō Niide Red Beard (赤ひげ)   Japan
1966 Jacques Perrin Michele Un uomo a metà (Almost a Man)   France
1967 Ljubiša Samardžić Mali The Morning (Jutro)   Yugoslavia
1968 John Marley Richard Forst Faces   United States
1983–1987 - Awarded as "Best Actor Award"
1983 Guy Boyd (Tie) Rooney Streamers   United States
George Dzundza (Tie) Cokes   United States
David Alan Grier (Tie) Roger   United States
Mitchell Lichtenstein (Tie) Richie   United States
Matthew Modine (Tie) Billy   United States
Michael Wright (Tie) Carlyle   United States
1984 Naseeruddin Shah Naurangia Paar   India
1985 Gérard Depardieu Louis Vincent Mangin Police   France
1986 Carlo Delle Piane Antonio Sant’Elia Christmas Present (Regalo di Natale)   Italy
1987 Hugh Grant (Tie) Clive Durham Maurice   United Kingdom
James Wilby (Tie) Maurice Hall   United Kingdom
1988-present - Awarded as "Volpi Cup for the Best Actor" (also "Volpi Cup for the Best Supporting Actor")
1988 Don Ameche (Tie) Gino Things Change   United States
Joe Mantegna (Tie) Jerry   United States
1989 Marcello Mastroianni (Tie) Marcello What Time Is It? (Che ora è?)   Italy
Massimo Troisi (Tie) Michele   Italy
1990 Oleg Borisov Svidetel / Christo Panov The Only Witness (Edinstveniyat svidetel)   Soviet Union
1991 River Phoenix Mikey Waters My Own Private Idaho   United States
1992 Jack Lemmon Shelley “The Machine” Levene Glengarry Glen Ross   United States
1993 Fabrizio Bentivoglio Pietro De Leo A Soul Split in Two (Un’anima divisa in due)   Italy
Marcello Mastroianni (Supporting) Constantin Laspada 1, 2, 3, Sun (Un, deux, trois, soleil)   Italy
1994 Xia Yu Ma Xiaojun In the Heat of the Sun (陽光燦爛的日子)   China
Roberto Citran (Supporting) Loris Il Toro   Italy
1995 Götz George Fritz Haarmann Deathmaker (Der Totmacher)   Germany
Ian Hart (Supporting) Ginger Nothing Personal   United Kingdom
1996 Liam Neeson Michael Collins Michael Collins   United Kingdom
Chris Penn (Supporting) Cesarian "Chez" Tempio The Funeral   United States
1997 Wesley Snipes Max Carlyle One Night Stand   United States
1998 Sean Penn Eddie Hurlyburly   United States
1999 Jim Broadbent W.S. Gilbert Topsy-Turvy   United Kingdom
2000 Javier Bardem Reinaldo Arenas Before Night Falls   Spain
2001 Luigi Lo Cascio Antonio Light of My Eyes (Luce dei miei occhi)   Italy
2002 Stefano Accorsi Dino Campana A Journey Called Love (Un viaggio chiamato amore)   Italy
2003 Sean Penn Paul Rivers 21 Grams   United States
2004 Javier Bardem Ramón Sampedro The Sea Inside (Mar adentro)   Spain
2005 David Strathairn Edward R. Murrow Good Night, and Good Luck   United States
2006 Ben Affleck George Reeves Hollywoodland   United States
2007 Brad Pitt Jesse James The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford   United States
2008 Silvio Orlando Michele Casali Giovanna's Father (Il papà di Giovanna)   Italy
2009 Colin Firth George Falconer ‡ A Single Man   United Kingdom
2010 Vincent Gallo Mohammed Essential Killing   United States
2011 Michael Fassbender Brandon Sullivan Shame   Ireland /   Germany
2012 Joaquin Phoenix (Tie) Freddie Quell ‡ The Master   United States
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Tie) Lancaster Dodd ‡   United States
2013 Themis Panou Father Miss Violence   Greece
2014 Adam Driver Jude Hungry Hearts   United States
2015 Fabrice Luchini Michel Racine Courted (L’Hermine)   France
2016 Oscar Martínez Daniel Mantovani The Distinguished Citizen (El ciudadano ilustre)   Argentina
2017 Kamel El Basha Yasser Abdallah Salameh The Insult (L’insulte)   Palestine
2018 Willem Dafoe Vincent Van Gogh At Eternity's Gate   United States
2019 Luca Marinelli Martin Eden Martin Eden   Italy

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