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Vollmer (company)

Vollmer GmbH & Co.KG or Vollmer is a German manufacturer of model buildings and accessories for use with model railroads.[1]

The Vollmer Company was founded in 1946 by Wolfram K. Vollmer (1924–2010)[2][3] and initially manufactured metal collar buttons. The German currency reform of June 1948 and subsequent economic growth led to a demand for plastic collar buttons and the company introduced plastic injection technology. Vollmer also began to develop plastic model railway accessories and presented a patented catenary system for HO scale model toy trains at the 1949 Nuremberg Toy Fair. By 1954, the company had begun production of HO-scale model houses.[4] In the 1970s Vollmer had a large enterprise that included American models as well as European models.

Vollmer GmbH is based in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and produces an extensive range of houses, model railway and industrial buildings, vehicles, catenary and general accessories in G, H0, TT, N and Z scales.[5]

In 2014, Susanne Vollmer, director of the company, announced that the company will stop production and shut down business during 2014. [6]

In summer 2014 Vollmer and Viessmann announced that Viessmann acquire the license in the brand Vollmer and that from September 2014 the Vollmer products will be available for the market.


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