Volga economic region

Volga (Povolzhsky) economic region (Russian: Пово́лжский экономи́ческий райо́н;

tr.: Povolzhsky ekonomichesky rayon) is one of 12 economic regions of Russia.

Volga economic region on the map of Russia


Socio-economic indicatorsEdit

Volga economic region accounted for almost 8 per cent of the national GRP in 2008. Popular approval of economic change is well above average in this region, both in terms of the rating of the national economy and the expectation of improvements in their own lives and in the household economy. People are also more likely than the average to have consumer goods. Life expectancy for men and women is also just above the national average.

However, reported GDP per capita is below the national average, and the regional wage levels are one-sixth below the national average. However, the likelihood of not being paid regularly is also below the national average. The discrepancies between these data and positive optimism of individuals can be influenced by the fact that in the Volga economic region those reporting having a second job are also above the national average. [1]


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