Volendam Windmill

Volendam Windmill is a smock mill located on Adamic Hill Road in Holland Township, New Jersey, United States.

Volendam Windmill
Photo from Adamic Hill Rd on August 15, 2009
Mill nameVolendam Mill
Mill locationHolland Township, New Jersey, USA
Coordinates40°35′48″N 75°09′50″W / 40.5966°N 75.1639°W / 40.5966; -75.1639Coordinates: 40°35′48″N 75°09′50″W / 40.5966°N 75.1639°W / 40.5966; -75.1639
PurposeCorn mill
TypeSmock mill
StoreysTwo-story smock
Base storeysThree-story base
Smock sidesEight sides
No. of sailsFour sails
Type of sailsCommon sails

The windmill was designed and built in 1965 by Paul Jorgenson.[1] The Volendam Windmill Museum is a working mill driven by wind, used for grinding raw grain into flour. The 60-foot structure is seven stories high with sail arms 68 feet from tip to tip.[2] In 2007, two of the sail arms of the windmill were damaged in a windstorm. As of November 2010, the county's website shows that the museum is closed.[3]

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