Vojvodina Coalition

The Vojvodina Coalition (Serbian: Коалиција Војводина / Koalicija Vojvodina) was a political coalition in the Serbian province of Vojvodina[2] from 1996 to 2005. In 2005, it united with several other parties into newly formed Vojvodina's Party.[3]

Vojvodina Coalition

Коалиција Војводина
Koalicija Vojvodina
LeaderDragan Veselinov, Mile Isakov, Nenad Čanak
Founded1996 (1996)
Dissolved2005 (2005)
IdeologyVojvodina autonomy


Vojvodina Coalition was founded in 1996[4] and was composed from 3 main political parties - the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, the People's Peasant Party, and the Reformist Democratic Party of Vojvodina,[5][6] as well as from several other smaller political parties and organizations, including Alliance of Subotica Citizens led by Boško Kovačević and Slavko Parać, Vojvodinian Club, Banatian Forum, and other organizations and movements that advocated peace and civic rights.[7]

Among other goals, Coalition advocated the establishment of full legislative, judicial and executive autonomy of Vojvodina within Serbia as well as equal position of Vojvodina within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.[8]

In 2003, the People's Peasant Party and its new leader Marijan Rističević were expelled from the coalition.[9]

Political leadersEdit

Leaders of the Vojvodina Coalition were Dragan Veselinov, Mile Isakov, and Nenad Čanak.[10][11]