Vojin Popović

Vojin Popović, known as Vojvoda Vuk (Serbian: Војин Поповић, војвода Вук; 9 December 1881 – 29 November 1916) was a Serbian voivode (military commander), who fought for the Macedonian Serb Chetniks (i.e. komiti) in the Struggle for Macedonia, and then the Serbian national army in the Balkan Wars and World War I.

Vojin Popović
Војин Поповић - Војвода Вук.jpg
Vojvoda Vojin Popović
Born9 December 1881
Sjenica, Kosovo Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Died29 November 1916(1916-11-29) (aged 34)
Allegiance Kingdom of Serbia
Years of service1901–1916 
RankVoivode (Duke)
Second lieutenant
UnitFlag of the Chetniks.svg Volunteer unit


Monument, in Belgrade

Vojin was born on 9 December 1881 at Sjenica, Kosovo Vilayet, Ottoman Empire (present-day southwestern Serbia). Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Kragujevac, where Vojin attended school. He chose a career in the military. On 3 November 1901, he became second lieutenant. He was among the first cheta (bands, 'čete') heading for Old Serbia, i.e. Makedonia (1905).

He was killed after being shot through the heart on top of the Staravinski vis near Gruništa, Novaci Municipality in skirmishes after the Battle of Kaymakchalan on 29 November 1916 during the height of World War I. There is a Monument to Vojvoda Vuk in Belgrade.


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