A void galaxy is a galaxy located in a cosmological void.[1] Few galaxies exist in voids; most are located in sheets, walls and filaments that surround voids and supervoids.[2][3] Many void galaxies are connected through void filaments[4] or tendrils,[5] lightweight versions of the regular galaxy filaments that surround voids. These filaments are often straighter than their regular counterparts due to the lack of influence by surrounding filaments.[4] These filaments can even be rich enough to form poor groups of galaxies.[6] The void galaxies themselves are thought to represent pristine examples of galactic evolution, having few neighbours, and likely to have formed from pure intergalactic gas.[7]


It is theorised by many astrophysicists that void galaxies are the result of large galactic filaments being pulled by the gravity of a major super cluster out of the less densely populated areas causing voids such as the Boötes void to grow, galaxies such as MCG+01-02-015 are sometimes left behind from events such as these.[8]

List of void galaxiesEdit

Galaxy Void Filament Notes Comments
PC 1357+4641 Boötes void [9] Emission-line Galaxy
IRAS 14288+5255 Boötes void [9] AGN X-ray source
G 1432+5302 Boötes void [10] Starburst galaxy
G 1458+4944 Boötes void [10] LINER galaxy
G 1507+4554 Boötes void [10] Starburst galaxy
G 1510+4727A & G 1510+4727B Boötes void [10] Interacting galaxy pair
BHI 1514+3819 Boötes void [9]
FSS 1515+3823 Boötes void [9]
G 1517+3949 Boötes void [10] Starburst galaxy
G 1517+3956A & G 1517+3956B Boötes void [10] Interacting galaxy pair
IRAS 15195+5050 Boötes void [9] AGN X-ray source
Markarian 845 Boötes void [9] Seyfert 1 (X-ray source)
CG 547 Boötes void [9] Emission-line Galaxy
CG 637 Boötes void [9] Emission-line Galaxy
CG 922 Boötes void [9] Emission-line Galaxy
MCG+01-02-015 [11][12][13][14] LEDA 1852 (Pisces)
Pisces A Local Void [15]
Pisces B Local Void [15]
NGC 7077 Local Void [16]


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