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Vlatko Paskačić

Vlatko Paskačić (Serbian: Влатко Паскачић) was a 14th-century Serbian feudal lord (sebastokrator) of Slavište region around Kriva Palanka under the Mrnjavčevići (1366-1395), in modern Republic of Macedonia.

Vlatko Paskačić
Vlatko Paskačić.jpg
Vlatko, detail of fresco in the Psača Monastery
Vlatko Paskačić

14th century
TitleKnez of Slavište
ChildrenStefan Vlatković

Uroš Vlatković

Uglješa Vlatković
Parent(s)Paskač and Ozra

His father was Paskač, a noble during the time of Stefan Dušan, his mother was Ozra.

He ruled the Slavište župa stretching from Vranje in Serbia to Kriva Palanka in Macedonia. He and his father founded the Orthodox Christian Psača Monastery and donated it to Mount Athos.[1]

He held the office of late Dejan Dragaš after his death, as Jovan Dragaš was still young.

He married Vladislava and had 3 children: