Viva (Israeli TV channel)

Viva is an Israeli television channel which began broadcasting on April 25, 1999. The channel is specialized in the transmission of international telenovelas and dramas, particularly from Latin America, Turkey and South Korea, with Hebrew dubbed.


Following much sympathy for her telenovelas were broadcast channel among viewers, the channel conducted the "Viva 2000 Ceremony" hosted by Gabriel Corrado, during which Israeli telenovela stars were invited, and were given trophies for their roles in telenovelas with their participation different categories including "Best Actress Award" won by Natalia Oreiro, "Best Play Award" won by Facundo Arana, and the "Best Telenovela Award" won by Muñeca Brava.

As well as the telenovelas aired on the channel, the channel has also produced a number of original programs. In 2000, it aired the game show Queen of Hearts, where the participants were required to answer questions related to the telenovelas broadcast on the channel.

In 2001, the channel produced its first Hebrew telenovela, Touching Happiness. The series became an unprecedented ratings success surpassing the ratings of Channel 2.[citation needed] During 2003 and 2004 Viva broadcast Rebelde Way which became a success along with its music band Erreway, during that time the channel made a lot of TV specials about the TV show and its filming in Argentina. In 2004, it produced another original program called Viva El Español where actor Gustavo Bermudez taught the pronunciation of Spanish words to the viewers of the channel. Consequently, another program was made, Viva Plus Magazine TV, which was a series of interviews with telenovela stars.

In 2007, the channel began broadcasting Korean dramas, the first of which was the My Lovely Sam Soon, and in 2011 the channel started airing Turkish series, the first of which was Menekşe ile Halil.

In December 2013, Viva began airing the Israeli telenovela Enigma, which is the channel's original production, in cooperation with yes.

Viva PlusEdit

Another channel from Viva, it began broadcasting on 25 December 2011. The channel replaced the weekend supplement Viva Platina, it relays the best of the daily dramas from around the world. The channel broadcasts only new content 18/7, to the public. It mainly airs Korean series.