Vismayathumbathu (transl. In the tip of wonder) is a 2004 Indian Malayalam-language psychological thriller film written, directed and produced by Fazil. It stars Mohanlal, Mukesh, and Nayanthara. Mohanlal plays Sreekumar, who possess sixth sense, while Nayanthara does the role of a wandering spirit who get associated with Sreekumar.

DVD cover
Directed byFazil
Produced byFazil
Written byFazil
Music byOuseppachan
Edited byK. R. Gaurishankar
T. R. Shekhar
Ammu International
Distributed byCentury Release
Release date
9 April 2004


Drawn by an invisible force, Sreekumar (Mohanlal) comes to meet his school-time friend, Govindan Kutty (Mukesh). That's where he meets with a girl, Rita Mathews (Nayanthara), whom he initially mistakes to be a prostitute. Later he comes to know that she is the spirit of a Medical College student who had disappeared a while ago. Sreekumar is the only one who is able to see her. Initially, his friends are apprehensive about him, but slowly they begin to believe him. Finally, Sreekumar, the spirit and his friends get together to unravel the mystery behind the disappeared girl.



Sify wrote: "Stunning! is the word for Fazil's new psychological thriller Vismayathumbathu [...] The film has a solid story, great acting and a surprise climax that not even a jaded critic like yours truly saw coming. Fazil has made it believable; despite the heights you have to take your mind to believe the story premise". Also, "Fazil's control over the medium is outstanding. The meticulous and carefully written screenplay accelerates towards the climax which is absorbing and spell-binding. Only after the film's chilling conclusion will you be able to fit the pieces of this ingenious super natural puzzle together".[1]


Music: Ouseppachan, Lyrics: Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri

  • Priyane Nee Enne - K. J. Yesudas
  • Etho Kaliyarangin - Ganga
  • Etho Kaliyarangin [Extended] - Ganga
  • Etho Kaliyarangin [Nayika Nee] - Version I - Dr. Fahad Mohammad, Ganga
  • Etho Kaliyarangin [Nayika Nee] - Version II - Afsal, Ganga
  • Konchi Konchi - K. J. Yesudas

Raga: Kapi (raga)


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