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Visitors to Colombia must obtain a visa from one of the Colombian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.


Visa policy mapEdit

Visa policy of Colombia

Visa policyEdit

Holders of passports of the following 95 jurisdictions do not require visa to enter Colombia for a maximum stay of 90 days (unless otherwise noted):[1][2][3]

ID - May also enter using an ID card.
1 - The maximum stay is granted within one year.
2 - Canadian citizens who hold normal passports must pay a reciprocity fee of 190,000 Colombian pesos upon arrival except for tourists who are under 14 or over 79, or those whose final destination is San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina.[5]
3 - For holders of other types of British passports who are not British citizens.

Citizens of   Nicaragua who are residents of North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region and South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region may enter Colombia without a visa.[9]

Substitute visaEdit

Holders of passports issued by the following countries or territories are granted visa-free access for a maximum of 90 days (unless otherwise noted) if they hold visas or residence permits issued by   United States or a Schengen Area country:[2][11]

The visa exemption also applies to Green Card holders, but does not apply to holders of C1 visas issued by the U.S. Holders of U.S. or Schengen visas must ensure their visa is valid for at least 180 days from their arrival date.[2]


Visitors who require a visa for Colombia may apply online in some cases.[12]

Visitor statisticsEdit

Most visitors arriving to Colombia were from the following countries of nationality:[13]

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