Virus (British band)

Virus are an English punk rock band formed in 1983 that promote and support Anarchism, Vegetarianism, Anti Nuclear and Environmental issues.


OriginGillingham, Dorset
GenresPunk rock, anarcho-punk
Years active1983 - 1986
2006 to present
LabelsMortarhate, Active Distribution, All The Madmen, Grow Your Own, Subversive Haircuts and Global Resistance Records
MembersJaz Wiseman
Sam Kenyon
Tom Weeks
Past membersDes Hoskins
Rich Broklehurst
Marcus ‘Bowzer’ Bowering
Shane Whitehead
Charlie Barber
Mark Smith
Rich Hoskins
David Oliver

Virus originally formed in the summer of 1983 in Gillingham, Dorset. The band's line up Des [Vocals], Bowzer [Guitar], Jaz [Bass] and Rich [Drums] recorded their first demo, Infected in early 1984. Shortly after Des left the band and was replaced by Dave [Vocals], the new line up went onto record and release the next instalment of Virus's discography, You Can’t Ignore It Forever in December 1984. In 1985 Des rejoined Virus to create a five piece that went on to support the likes of Subhumans, Anthrax (UK band), Organised Chaos, Disorder, The Varukers, Conflict, Liberty, Culture Shock & Zounds. Virus contributed a track to the Mortarhate compilation album, We Won’t Be Your Fucking Poor before splitting in the summer of 1986.

In 1996 Virus reformed with Charlie Barber on drums for one of gig. The reformation was an attempt to rekindle interest in the band but logistically it was difficult as Jaz lived in Reading and Bowzer in France. The audience reaction was also not particularly favourable so this reformation was short-lived.

After Ian Glasper included Virus in, The Day The Country Died original members, Dave & Jaz, started the band again with a new guitarist, Rich Hoskins and drummer, Mark Smith. This line up stayed together until 2013 and released two studio albums, Unacceptable Noise Levels [2007], Virulence [2011] and 7 inch single, It’s Not What It Appears [2013]. In 2013 Mark left Virus and was replaced by Sam Kenyon. The next Virus line up released their next 7 inch single Illuminati through their own record label Subversive Haircuts as well as playing on a split record with Bug Central and The System released through Grow Your Own Records. Shortly after Rich left the band and Virus had some temporary guitarists until 2015 when Tom Weeks joined. In 2016 Virus took part in the Hunt Saboteurs Association Benefit series and 2017 releasing their latest single, One Minute’s Silence & Infidel.



  • Infected [1984]
  • You Can't Ignore If Forever [1984]
  • Unacceptable Noise Levels [2007]
  • Virulence [2011]
  • Pathogens [2019]

Live Albums

  • Live At Henrys Cafe [1985]


  • It's Not What It Appears [2013]
  • Illuminati / Vanity [2015]
  • Drunk Lover / Demonic [Benefit for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, 2016]
  • One Minute's Silence [Grow Your Own Records, 2017]


  • Futile - Split EP with The System and Bug Central [2015]
  • The Turkey - We Won't Be Your Fucking Poor [Mortarhate, 1985]
  • Futile - Birds Of A Feather [2016, Grow Your Own]
  • Nuclear? No Thanks - Straight Out Of Somerset [The Outsider, 2016]

Band membersEdit

Current members

  • Jaz Wiseman - 1983 to Present
  • Sam Kenyon - 2013 to Present
  • Tom Weeks - 2015 to Present

Former members

  • Des Hoskins - 1983 to 1986
  • Rich Broklehurst - 1983 - 1986
  • Marcus ‘Bowzer’ Bowering 1983 to 1986 & 1996
  • Shane Whitehead - 1984 - 1985
  • Charlie Barber - 1996
  • Mark Smith - 2006 to 2013
  • Rich Hoskins 2006 to 2013
  • Dave Oliver 1984 to 2018