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The Virginia Tech Richmond Center in the Richmond Region is responsible for carrying out the university's three missions – research, education, and outreach. The Richmond Center's presence was established in 2001 and has since created facilities, appointed faculty, created graduate degrees, and research in the Richmond area. The Richmond Center offers a wide range of graduate programs, workshops, and customized educational programs.

Virginia Tech Richmond Center
TypeCommonwealth Campus Center
DirectorDr. Susan Johnstad
Location, ,
AffiliationsVirginia Tech

Graduate degrees and certificate programsEdit

The Virginia Tech Richmond Center offers graduate programs within the Richmond metropolitan area.

The Virginia Tech Richmond Center offers graduate degrees and certificate programs taught by internationally recognized faculty. The university's teaching located is in the West End of Richmond.[1]

Professional DevelopmentEdit

The Virginia Tech Richmond Center offers a series of professional development workshops. The center has a number of partnerships with the public and private sectors to enhance employee learning, discovery and engagement. Each course can be customized to effectively meet the needs of the organization or student.[2]

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Approximately 15,000 alumni live within the Richmond Region.[3]

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