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Virgin Orbit is a company within the Virgin Group which plans to provide launch services for small satellites. The company was formed in 2017 to develop the air-launched LauncherOne rocket, launched from Cosmic Girl, which had previously been a project of Virgin Galactic.[2] Based in Long Beach, California, Virgin Orbit has more than 300 employees led by president Dan Hart, a former vice president of government satellite systems at Boeing.[3][4]

Virgin Orbit
PredecessorVirgin Galactic
FoundedMarch 2, 2017; 2 years ago (2017-03-02)
United States
Key people
Dan Hart [1] (President and CEO)
ServicesOrbital rocket launch
Number of employees
390 (2017)

Virgin Orbit focuses on small satellite launch, which is one of three capabilities being focused on by Virgin Galactic. These capabilities are: human spaceflight operations, small satellite launch, and advanced aerospace design, manufacturing, and test.[5]



Cosmic GirlEdit


In October 2019, Virgin Orbit announced that Matthew Stannard was joining as a pilot on a three year contract. Stannard had previously served in the Royal Air Force as a test and evaluation pilot notably on Typhoon jets. Orbit is about to start testing of its Cosmic Girl launch platform.[6]


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