Violin Sonata in A major, D 574 (Schubert)

The ‘’'Violin Sonata’'’ No. 4 (also known as the “Duo” or “Grand Duo”) in A major, Op. posth. 162, D 574, for violin and piano by Franz Schubert was composed in 1817. This sonata, composed one year after his first three sonatas for the same instruments, is a much more individual work, showing neither the influence of Mozart, as in these previous works, nor of Rossini, as in the contemporaneous 6th Symphony.[1]


The Sonata has four movements:

  1. ’'Allegro moderato’' (A major), sonata form
  2. ’'Scherzo: presto’' (E major), with C major trio
  3. ’'Andantino’' (C major), loose ternary form
  4. ’'Allegro vivace’' (A major), sonata form



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