Vintage Wine is a 1935 British comedy film directed by Henry Edwards and starring Seymour Hicks, Claire Luce, Eva Moore and Judy Gunn.[1] The film was made at Julius Hagen's Twickenham Studios, but was released by Gaumont British Distributors which was the largest British film company at the time. The film was loosely based on a German play by Alexander Engels, which also formed the basis of the 1934 West End comedy by Ashley Dukes and Seymour Hicks.[2]

Vintage Wine
Opening title
Directed byHenry Edwards
Written byAshley Dukes
Seymour Hicks
H. Fowler Mear
Produced byJulius Hagen
StarringSeymour Hicks
Claire Luce
Eva Moore
Judy Gunn
CinematographySydney Blythe
Edited byBaynham Honri
Ralph Kemplen
Music byW. L. Trytel
Distributed byGaumont British Distributors
Release date
20 June 1935
Running time
81 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Synopsis Edit

The members of the Popinot family of French champagne tycoons suspect that the widowed head of the family Charles Popinot is keeping a mistress in Rome and generally living a wild life. Unbeknownst to them he has happily re-married and had a son with a much younger woman. She believes he is twenty years younger than he really is and is shocked when his relatives including his mother, grown-up sons and granddaughter arrive in Italy.

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