Vinnytsia TV Mast

The Vinnytsia TV Mast (Ukrainian: Вінницька телевежа, romanizedVinnyts'ka televezha) is a 354-metre, 1161 ft high guyed steel tube mast, used for FM- and TV-transmission, in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. A special feature of its structure are three crossbars arranged in 120 degree angles in two levels, running from its structure to the guys. It was built in 1961.

TV Tower Vinnytsia

Since height reduction of Belmont TV Mast it is the tallest guyed tubular steel mast in the world.

Coordinates: 49°14′30.04″N 28°25′25.25″E / 49.2416778°N 28.4236806°E / 49.2416778; 28.4236806

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