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Vinaphone is a Vietnamese major mobile network operator headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. Founded on 26 June 1996, as a GSM launcher, Vinaphone is the second network (after MobiFone) and currently the second largest provider in Vietnam. VinaPhone was the first network operator to launch 3G services nationwide.

Subsidiary of VNPT
IndustryMobile telecommunications
Founded26 June 1996
HeadquartersHanoi, Vietnam
Key people
Nguyen Nam Long
ProductsMobile networks, Telecom services
Number of employees

Partnership with VodafoneEdit

At the beginning of September 2014 Vinaphone signed a strategic co-operation agreement with Vodafone.[1]

Market share and competitorsEdit

Vinaphone had a market share (estimated based on revenues) of 30% in 2012.[2] Its main competitors are Viettel with 40.67% market share and MobiFone with 17.9%, which is also owned by VNPT.[2] They control almost 90% of the market, with the rest controlled by Vietnamobile with 8%, Gmobile (formerly Beeline) with 3.2% and S-Fone with 0.1%.[2]


As a member unit of Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Corporation, in 1999 VinaPhone was the first network to cover service in 100% of provinces and cities. After 7 years, in June 2006, VinaPhone was once again the first mobile network to cover service in 100% of districts nationwide, including districts in mountainous or remote areas. Currently VinaPhone provides services with 6 prefix numbers (091, 094, 0123, 0125, 0127, 0129) for about 36 million of real subscribers.

1996: Establishment of VinaPhone network.

1997:Establishment of Vietnam Telecom Services Company (VinaPhone). Establishment of Regional Telecom Services Centres 1, 2, 3.

2006: Changing Logo (from GPC to VinaPhone) as Vietnam officially became a member of the WTO.

2009: VinaPhone was the first operator to launch 3G services.


Vinaphone is considered Operator of State Servants as most of its subscribers are civil service employees.[3]


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