Vilnius railway station

Vilnius Railway Station (Lithuanian: Vilniaus geležinkelio stotis) is a Lithuanian Railways passenger station in Vilnius, Lithuania. The railway station situates between two neighbourhoods of Vilnius - Naujininkai and Naujamiestis and on the edge of the Old Town.

Vilnius railway station

Vilniaus geležinkelio stotis
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Railway station in 2021
General information
Location16 Geležinkelio str.
Coordinates54°40′13″N 25°17′4″E / 54.67028°N 25.28444°E / 54.67028; 25.28444Coordinates: 54°40′13″N 25°17′4″E / 54.67028°N 25.28444°E / 54.67028; 25.28444
Owned byLithuanian Railways
Train operatorsLithuanian Railways, Russian Railways,[1] Belarusian Railway[2]
Disabled accessAvailable
Other information
Opened1861 (1861)
Waiting hall, ticket office
Vilnius railway station 2021.jpg
Map of the planned Rail Baltica line
Map of the planned Rail Baltica line


The station was opened in 1861[4] while building the Saint Petersburg–Warsaw Railway. It was destroyed in 1945 during World War II and in 1950 it was rebuilt in socialist realism style. The building was renovated in 2001.[5]

Currently there are ticket offices, vending kiosks open inside the station building, a bar Peronas (lit. "platform") is working inside the former railway postal building.

Train servicesEdit

The main local railroads connecting with the railway station are Vilnius–Klaipėda Railway, Vilnius–Kaunas Railway and Vilnius–Turmantas Railway.

The station is served by the following local and international passenger services:[6]

Public transportationEdit

The station is a major Vilnius public transportation hub. The station can be reached by city trolleybuses, regular, rapid, and night buses. Vilnius bus station is around 180 meters (590 ft) away from the railway station. Vilnius international airport situates 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) away from the railway station and is accessible by buses, trains or taxi.

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