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Vijayasena (reigned 238-250) was a Saka ruler of the Western Satraps in India during the 2nd century CE.[1][2] He was one of 4 sons of Damasena that ascended to the throne.[3] In 242 CE, he was usurped by Isvaradatta, and regained the throne about a year and a half later. He was succeeded by his brother, Damajadasri III.[3]

Western Satrap king
I85 drachme Vijayasena MACW270203 1ar (8507423804).jpg
Drachme of Vijayasena
Reign238-250 CE
PredecessorYasodaman I
SuccessorIsvaradatta, Damajadasri III


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Preceded by
Yasodaman I
Western Satrap
Succeeded by
Damajadasri III