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Vijayan (also known as FEFSI Vijayan) is an Indian action choreographer, stunt coordinator, actor who works in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi films. He has the record of being youngest Stunt master in Indian film industry at the age of 22. He became a stunt man at the age of 17 due to family situation.[1] He is the son of stunt choreographer Swaminathan who is known for composing Lion fight done by MGR in Adimai Penn. His father Swaminathan was a prominent fight master for MGR films & so Vijayan had very close relationship with MGR.[2] He was the president of the FEFSI.[3][4] His son, Shabarish is a Tamil film actor who has started in few films.[5]

During his heydays, he was widely touted as one of the best stunt coordinator in Bollywood and the South Indian film industry.


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