Viggo Larsen

Viggo Larsen (14 August 1880 – 6 January 1957) was a Danish film actor, director and producer from the early silent era to the 'talkies'. He appeared in 140 films between 1906 and 1942. He also directed 235 films between 1906 and 1921. He was born and died in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Viggo Larsen
Viggo Larsen.jpg
Pre-1929 German Postcard of Viggo Larsen made by the N.P.G. company from an Alexander Binder photograph.
Born(1880-08-14)14 August 1880
Copenhagen, Denmark
Died6 January 1957(1957-01-06) (aged 76)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Film director
Years active1906-1942

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