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Viewzi was a search engine company based in Dallas, Texas that developed a highly visual experience that tailored the way users look at information based on what they are looking for.[1] Users got over 16 "views" for their search including MP3 view (with a list of streaming audio you can play), album view (cover art and related musicians), plus specialized lenses for images, news, and more.[2]

Privately held
FoundedDallas, U.S. (2006)
DefunctDecember 28, 2010
ProductsVisual search engine Edit this on Wikidata

A project that was said to have been in the works for roughly two years, Viewzi, a visual search utility, reached beta stage in April, 2008.[3] Instead of providing a single list of results in a set form for search requests, as Google does, Viewzi provided different “views” that are tailored to the request being made.[4]

Viewzi raised over $2M in seed funding.[4] As of December 28, 2010, Viewzi's website announced that the search engine had not been under development since 2008, and had been closed down.