Video games in Turkey

Video games in Turkey is a massive industry and pastime in Turkey that includes the production, sale, import/export, and playing of video games.[1][2]

Market statisticsEdit

Turkey is $ 464 million in 2015, while in 2016 $ 755 million and revenue of $ 332.5 million of the games, mobile games, and the rest was obtained from the computer while the console game.[1] Growing 7.2% compared with the previous year, online game revenue in 2016, Turkey ranks 16th in the world in both the mobile PC and console area.[1]

Professional gamingEdit

Turkey has a presence in the professional e-sports market, especially in League of Legends and other games created by Riot Games. [2]

E-Sport team found that the market for more than ten professionals from more than four thousand in Turkey are also licensed e-athletes.[2] Beşiktaş and traditional sports clubs also stepped in,[3] and other sports clubs, especially Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe, joined the e-Sports market.[4][5]

Turkey Digital Games Federation in 2011 if the establishment is closed down in 2013.[6] Developing Sports Branches of Turkey started to be represented, depending on the level asbaşkanlık Federation[7] digital game industry has risen to the e-Sports Federation of Turkey again on April 24, 2018 with the establishment of the federation level.[8]

Rating SystemEdit

In Turkey, a Video game content rating system as there is no legal basis on the subject on a specialized unit is also available.[9] In 2006, the Intellectual Property Registration and Registration about the regulation "computer games" s is also made arrangements for marking using content ratings system that has been implemented for film and television video games in Turkey market are sold with this sign.[10] Although the criteria used for marking are uncertain, this method is only applied to products sold physically, there is no control mechanism for video games acquired through digital distribution.[11]

With the Regulation on Internet Bulk Use Providers, which came into force in 2009, drug or stimulant habit, suicidal orientation, sexual abuse, obscenity, prostitution, violence, gambling etc. are valid only at workplaces. Playing games that may cause adverse effects is prohibited.[12] Although there is no rating institution, based on this regulation, games can be banned by the Ministry of the Interior.[13]


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