Vicus Pacati

Vicus Pacati was an Ancient city and former bishopric of Roman North Africa, which only remains as a Latin Catholic titular see.


The name refers to the vicus (area, quarter, district) constituting the latifundia of the family Arii Pacati.

It was among the many cities of sufficient importance to become a suffragan diocese in the Roman province of Numidia, but faded so completely that its location is not even identified for sure with modern Aïn-Mechara in Algeria.

Two of its bishops are historically documented :

Titular seeEdit

The diocese was nominally restored in 1933 as Latin titular bishopric of Vicus Pacati (Latin) / Vico di Pacato (Curiate Italian) / Pacaten(sis) (Latin adjective)

It has had the following incumbents, so far of the fitting Episcopal (lowest) rank :

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