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Victoria Louise "Tori" Herridge, born 1980, is a palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum in London and one of the founders of Trowelblazers, which celebrates women archaeologists, palaeontologists and geologists.



Herridge graduated with a first class degree in biology from University College London in 2002. After a master's degree at Imperial College London, she returned to University College London to gain a doctorate with a thesis titled "Dwarf Elephants on Mediterranean Islands: A Natural Experiment in Parallel Evolution". Her research addressed evolution of island mammals during the Pleistocene period and their responses to extreme climate change.[1][2] She is a founding editor-in-chief at the open access journal Open Quaternary.[3]

Science communicationEdit

Herridge delivered the 2012 Charles Lyell Award lecture at the British Science Festival[4] and co-wrote Who Do You Think You Really Are? for the Natural History Museum. The film was a Premier Award Winner in 2011.

Herridge presented the 2016 Channel 4 series, Walking Through Time and co-presented Britain at Low Tide with archaeologist Alex Langlands.[5][6]


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