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Victoria College of Art

Victoria College of Art (VCA) is an art college in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada, founded in 1974. Its Fine Art diploma consists of a certificate in Visual Arts, an Advanced certificate, a diploma and a post diploma year which prepares students for a guaranteed show in an independent commercial gallery in Victoria (Madrona Gallery 2012 and Martin Batchelor Gallery in May 2013).

Accredited by the post-secondary BC government agency PCTIA, and awarded "Education Quality Assurance" (EQA) designation by the ministry, the college also offers accredited programs leading to certificates in a variety of Fine Art related occupational programs. These include 2D and 3D Animation, Claymation, sculpting (classical, contemporary and monumental), fine art illustration, mold making, and casting, design and textile arts. It is the largest independent art school on Vancouver Island with over 5,000 alumni. The college is also affiliated with the Vancouver Island School of Writing and the Vancouver College of Art and Design. Students are eligible for Canadian and BC student loans and student aid.

It has no connection whatsoever with Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD) and absolutely no connection with the Eminata Group of for-profit institutions.

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