Vichada River

The Vichada River (Spanish: Río Vichada, Spanish pronunciation: [ˈri.o βiˈ tʃaða]) is a blackwater river in the country of Colombia, South America. It flows into the Orinoco River.

Vichada River
Vichada Structure LC08 L1TP 005057 20160118 20170405 01 T1.jpg
Physical characteristics
Length580 km (360 mi)
Basin size26,212 km2 (10,121 sq mi)[1]
 • locationConfluence of Orinoco, Columbia
 • average1,290 m3/s (46,000 cu ft/s)[2]
Landsat image of the Vichada Structure

The eastward course of the Vichada is offset by an impact structure, called the Vichada Structure. The structure is most likely the largest impact structure in South America.[3]


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Coordinates: 4°56′28″N 67°50′39″W / 4.94111°N 67.84417°W / 4.94111; -67.84417